Pick up women successfully

The key to picking up women is to practice simple daily steps this week. When a weekend comes and you find yourself in a social environment, the likelihood of a good score doubles. Here's how to make it go:

This week seeks to express, compliment or simply comment on the departure of women of all kinds. This is a simple exercise that will be easy to do because you are not trying to get a phone number or pick up the women. You are simply using them as an exercise. The more small number you use for women, the better the "muscle uptake" will be.

Remember that this can be as simple as turning to a woman and commenting on the weather. Or praise her on clothes.

The key is to make a small speech or comment, and then walk away. Do not cover and haw and make it look like you're trying to get a number or get them. Often times, this will drive women, as they really want to try to continue the conversation. Instead, you've got more genuine by saying, and then going.

The only exception to this is that if the woman starts restarting conversation, it becomes clear that there is a possibility that you should participate further. But usually you are just commenting on everyone and women. So this exercise should not be limited to just women you find attractive.

This has a disruptive effect and it can build a friendly relationship with the person if it happens or when you see them again.

Now that the weekend hits you and you're about to start doing the same, doing microscopes, comments, etc. You will find that you will be much naturally and safer, and the chances of taking up a woman will be doubled.

Remember, this is your first weekend after it's been "practice", so play cool, try the water only and if nothing happens, keep on exercising for 2 weeks. On the 2nd weekend we will find you even more normal and safe and it will be very important that you have the chance.


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