Personal Growth Book Review – 101 wisdom keys

By: Mike Murdock (1994)

Issued by Wisdom Center, 4051 Denton Hwy, Ft. Worth, TX 76117

ISBN 1-56394-010-8 / B-45

Book Price: $ 5.00

Dynamic Wisdom Lessons

Dr. Mike Murdock is in great demand as a powerful speaker. More than 17,000 viewers in over 100 countries have applied for their contracts. He has written over 250 books, including many best sellers, and thousands of viewing weekly TV shows. Many meet the wispels he houses in major cities.

Wisdom Pattern

Mike Murdock presents 101 wisdom keys in 26 pages. He describes short sentences like, you'll never go where you are until you decide where you'd rather be (Article 11). It is proof that you have overcome greed (page 58). Success is simply having plenty of God and # 39; s provision for completing his command of your life (page 92) and more.

Getting Wisdom Keys to Be Successful

The digital character of Mike Murdock's style shows the strengths of his wisdom keys. Readers are suddenly at risk of terms without promotion. Murdock has a direct relationship and influences a concert when he says: "When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

Each key is shared within with an exact statement that is one. Mikes keys are informative and self explanatory. This is seen in his comment, "Masters are willing to do things that hate to create something that they love."

Although statements are part of individual wisdom, Murdock has arranged them in orderly systems, classified as terms. As he expresses his courageous concept of future focus, Mike divides the appropriate wisdom keys, "God never determines your past to determine your future." & "Men decide their habits … their habits determine their future."

Signature theme Mike Murdock writes points towards personal responsibility of readers. He confirms: "The time of your life will change every time you decide to use your faith."

With the aim of strengthening readers, Mike encourages and corrects, indicating: "Nothing is always as bad as it appears first." "Great is not to seek perfection but to complete." & "God will never enforce your instruction on past dishonesty." Ouch! His words are straight, but true and useful.

Readers Wearing Wisdom

Mike Murdock describes the life that lived and learned the keys and taught readers to do more wisdom.

Success Step: Enter something you want in life. Sign up what you need to do to get it. Take these steps towards it!


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