Nature Education is a personal growth for children

From Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Samuel Clement Stone to Zig Zigler, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer, the message of how to live life without excuse, doubts, fears and utterly appropriated has been blasted high and clear to all of us to hear for a very long time. The Global Sculpture The secret, the beginning of personal life coaches, Empire Warrior, extreme festivals and self-help books, videos, web-throws and live classes generate about 15 billion a year in revenue, just in America.

What would the world look like today if we knew all these stuff when we were young?

If $ 15 billion spend on human interest, it's not enough to say that these messages are delivered to young people, maybe few statistics may explain the message.

o Clinical Depression Analysis in Clinical Studies

o America has the highest upper secondary school in all schools

o Most limitations and self-esteem develop before the age of six

o Pessimism is directly related to clinical depression and anxiety and is very profitable.

o Pharmaceutical companies target preschools for antidepressants and creative medication

o Increase in severity and bullying types

WHO (World Health Organization) warns that depression will be the world's biggest killer and cause of disability by 2020. It seems Obviously, $ 15 billion spent every year in America on self-help, and personal growth needs to return to getting this message to young America and clearly about the world for that stuff.

A lot of "how about" parenting information can teach us how to model the behavior we want to see in our children. But for the most part, it is also self-help for parenting and requires the parent to take out his own limited attitudes, doubts and social programming, and develop practices that promote joy and emotional well-being before they can actually use this information to help children their.

I believe that our future is dependent on the happiness of the young people, because without them we have no future and we should be forced to help them find it. Our schools are innocent about the nature of education and our children lack windows the opportunity to instill the type of information gathering that has nothing to do with scholars. Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be far more important for overall happiness and satisfaction than analytical intelligence or IQ.

However, all booklets of information, courses and videos appear to be ineffective when most information is rarely available or if any information is required. Lack of action is the biggest issue most people have when it comes to using this information to change their lives. To learn something in life requires more than just knowing what to do; one needs to do it really! and to acknowledge and acknowledge the efforts made. When we experience a sense of learning, especially happiness, we just want more and more. We begin to overcome challenges when we know a lot that our mistakes and mistakes are steps to success and part of learning and growing processes.

Children are in the midst of absorbing information and developing faith in themselves and the big world around them and the life that lies ahead of them. When it comes to learning, children are at the peak of their ability to learn and can take a lot more than I believe we give them credit. Given that a child's day-to-day supervision is happiness and as parents, we wish them life full of happiness, giving them the opportunity to learn and experience all aspects of happiness and acknowledge unhappiness because it gives them "Kit"'s emotional tools for life . With a little help in the right direction, our children can have an incredibly pleasing, meaningful and exciting life. We can and should give them tools and teach them how to create a "good life".

Certainly, the lack of constant self-esteem is an important reason why people feel difficult if it's impossible to step outside of what's comfortable, to cope with their fears and to keep their lives completely and happiest. Many children point to a small and unstable self-esteem every day at school and at home because they are not aware of the expectations they have of themselves, not the expectations of parents and teachers of those who set the stage for amazing and fulfilling life.

Children need to see and feel that their efforts pay off and be praised for this work rather than promised solely for their success. The kids begin to see how well they are when they are praised for their work and dedication, and they can also promise themselves. They start to feel good about who they are when they meet the expectations they have put in place. This is how continuous self-esteem is achieved.

It's not about "self-help" for the children just after we've grown and we need the help we really seek. By giving our children information about what we as adults find us looking for $ 15 billion a year, our children do not need "self-help" because they will already have information and turn them to wisdom. So much personal growth that is purchased every year goes unused, because as adults we have been negatively programmed for so long. Skepticism, pessimism, strengthened self-limitations, fears and doubts have become so profound in our minds over the years that the change becomes more difficult.

We can protect our children in the world from this same emotional destiny by giving them the information and tools that have been researched and shared for thousands of years and now confirmed by science. The kids will probably "get it" faster than most adults you know!


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