Mini Lop Rabbits – How to Race

It is recommended that you wish to breed the Mini Lop rabbits successfully, you should leave your professional teacher. There are several reasons for this. Rabbits are born in large trash so that enough space is necessary to look after them without having a market for them already. Also young rabbits grow very quickly and are sexually active after eight weeks, so the process continues clean.

If you are going to bring yourself, choose older than six months and use a slightly younger unrelated bucket. Check the bottom of their cages to detect diarrhea and also check the genitals for redness and swelling. Choose rabbits that have a good breeding history and strong genes and keep strict support files for the purpose of showing the animals in the future. One dollar to ten is sufficient for cultivation and you can put the money seven times a week. Only rabbits of the same sex can be bred together and the sex must be clean, return four generations. Take the money. The breeding team should not be left in comparison after duplication has occurred since the money can continue to interrupt the work that could lead to a struggle and damage to the doe. For more likelihood of pregnancy than a total number of kittens, you can put the medicine back in 1-12 hours after the first duplication.

Pregnancy should be monitored 10-14 days after the start of breeding. This can be done by treating urine for growth in size of a small marble. You should put the nest next to doe 29 days after attendance. Breastfeeding is about 31 days. The baby rabbits or kittens are completely hairless with closed eyes and the trash is usually in the range of 4-10. The kittens should not touch within the first week as they can kill them. From three months of age, rabbits should be kept in individual cages when they develop faster.

The death can be bred after 6 weeks and the kittens should be different between 5-7 weeks. Small breeds like Mini Lop produce about 14 kittens per year. The recyclable cycle can continue until it is about 4 years old. The term should be reviewed every quarter to determine which animals are on the rise and not. Many people do not think from October to December during the gravel. Light in the rabbit race will help with this. Also, the books produce less sperm on particularly hot summer months.

Eyrir Mini Lop is erect when born but falling over time. There are a variety of colors in this breed, including: chocolate, blue otter, cinnamon agouti, agouti, black and white butterflies and leaves and white butterflies.

Strive to maintain a good standard by getting the ARBA standard of perfection brochure to know exactly what is expected of the type.


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