Level 3 Beauty Therapy – Review Questions for Success in the Exam

Level 3 Beauty Therapy course is designed to provide students with all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the beauty industry.

The following issues may be covered;

Electromagnetic Computing

Students need to conduct theory papers, oral questions and practical assessments and must therefore be fully prepared for the exam.

A thorough review is important and it is therefore important to get asked review questions to help you succeed in the exam.

Best types of questions you want to use when reviewing your Level 3 Beauty Therapy is a varied option. With these questions you get one question with four different answers and you have to choose one.

A few examples are;

01. What type of skin would most enjoy the citrus paradise?

a) Dry skin
b) Oily skin – Answer
c) Sensitive skin
d) Rough skin

02. Which one of the following is the effect of a deep flow?

a) Improves skin texture
b) Distributes the medium
c) Improves muscle tone
d) Increases lymphatic flow – Answer

03. When you are preparing a vacuum cleaner over a straight area, what should you do?

a) Add pressure
b) Use a massage oil over the area first
c) Avoid the area completely – Answer
d) Increased pressure

My advice was to find study material that contains many of these questions . The idea is to take many varieties every day and learn them. Have a structured review plan available so you know which areas to study and how many questions are being reviewed. If this system is repeated every day, you will find your test a little easier.


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