Improve your reading speed by eliminating Sub Vocalization

You probably fall into 2 categories, you hate reading, the faster you can get through it the better, or you love to read, the faster you can read, the faster you can get to read more! Either better reading skills can help you get through the words before, so you can either go somewhere else or go to another book.

In the previous article, we discussed the idea of ​​improving your reading retention, you should read in a linear way and take time to get a frame of reading so you have a good map of where you are going. In this article we will discuss how to start improving your reading.

Most people read a book like they have been published as a speech. They listen to the author and follow what he is saying in a single order. To gain more understanding, you need to learn to leave this method. You can start this by not vocalizing.

Think back when you were younger. As a child or in elementary school, you probably needed to do a lot of reading out loud. After you have mastered this skill, you were told to simply say the words inside your head and read quietly. This is where most people read the education and skills level end. And that's what vocalizing is. It's the act of reading quietly in your head. The reason for slowing down is that it takes time to form the words to say, even if you do not say.

To go to a new level, you need to quit words inside your head or under vocalizing. Again, sub vocalizing takes time, more time than it is necessary to understand the words you are reading. It's almost impossible to go much about 400 or 500 words but under vocalizing. Instead, you need to train to read without hearing the words in your head.

You are probably thinking that it will be difficult and yes it can be difficult at the start. What you need to do is remove word words with your mouth. If I read about a thousand words a minute, there's no way to hear the words in my head while I try to work it out. Train yourself to see the word, restore it to your brain and pass the word. You need to get your brain to understand. When you get it down, you must take one second to get an understanding of the 5 seconds it would have taken to sing.

Since most people can not understand the subconscious, they are locked to approximately 400-500 words. If you exceed this ratio, you need to practice reading faster than you can actually read aloud.

This may sound a bit confusing, but what you need to practice is to see the words and get a meaning in your head. Begin with small words and sentences and grow in sentences. Sometimes you have to look to see and understand, instead of seeing, form the words in your head and then understand.


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