How was it possible to talk to women!

When you talk to a woman, consider the following three things: Opening a comment, conversation and closing a comment. Now, let's review each of these, including the methods that support each.

1. Opening comment.

You should always take the initiative and be the one who starts conversation with a woman. As a guide:

  • Make sure that it is appropriate for you both.
  • Make it friendly.
  • Try to make it fun (for bonus points).
  • Keep that light and sincerity.
  • First, use your name when you introduce yourself.
  • Always follow a question that is open. Never close yes / no questions as this does not give you any hooks and # 39; (covered later) for further conversations.

For example, if you and your wife are both in Yoga, you might say: Hi, I'm George. I'm new to this whole yoga thing and wondering if you have any useful tips?

If she responds to you, keep talking using the following methods.

2. Conversation.

Pay attention – when talking to you, pay full attention to what she says and keep focusing. At this stage, it is important for you to be 100% interested in what she says. You can show this by: maintaining eye contact (but not staring), rub your head to show confirmation of what she says, sometimes paraphrasing and not distracting what is happening around you.

Listen to the hooks & # 39; – These are content or keywords in her answers that offer you a basket & # 39; for the next line of open question. For example, her reply to the opening of your comment might be:

Hi George, I'm Lucy. Nice to meet you! So are you going for yoga? Well, I'd recommend buying your own sticky matt and not renting one from here. Everybody uses them and they can become a little bit. Also, when I was in India a few months ago, I tried this yoga position called Warrier III pose. As a beginner you should definitely not try it!

In this example there are three main hooks and # 39; you could run with: & # 39; buy your own Sticky Matt & # 39 ;, & # 39; India & # 39; and & Warrier III sit & # 39; I also have India to be a fascinating place, what was the trip there? You get the picture.

70/30 principle – at least in the early stages of talking to a woman, try to spend about 70% of your time listening to what she says and 30% answer. By doing this, you will be interested in what she has to say, increasing the number of potential hooks & # 39; You can run with and improve the chances of connecting to it (similar views, same places visited, same interests, same interests, knowing the same people, etc.).

Awkward Silences – this can happen for some reasons. What matters is how you respond to them, because it will determine if it's considered uncomfortable & # 39; silence. You need to be calm, safe and in control before deciding between: accepting the silence and waiting for it to comment on changing the topic immediately or finishing the conversation.

3. Close comment.

If a call is not going somewhere, for example, there are a lot of unpleasant sounds, then take the initiative and complete the conversation. Both you and the woman can stop feeling uncomfortable, stop wasting each other's time and keep talking to other people.

Apart from loudly unpleasant sounds, another obvious signage call needs to be completed:

  • She answers the minimum answers. For example, "Oh", "Yeh", "Not much", "I suppose", "Nah" etc.
  • She does not ask you any questions.
  • She does not give you an eye-catcher while you speak.
  • She seems disturbed or looking for someone or someone to get over and save them!

If you notice a combination of the above sign, politely complete the conversation and continue. But do not burn your bridges with her as she may want to talk to you next time she sees you. For example, to end a conversation, you could watch your watch and say definitely: I have to go now, but it's been nice to talk to you Lucy . It's as simple as that.

The conclusion is that this article lists three things that you should know – and what to do underneath each other – if you want to talk well to women. These are: Opening comment, conversation and closing comment. When you begin to apply the various methods under each one, you can also talk to women successfully.


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