How to Worry About Success

They will never admit it, but the world's most successful people do! Yes, I'm talking about WORRYING. Despite the fact that it has been a bit, the concern is really good. Concern causes us to look ahead and to provide potential barriers. We are then in a position to work with a reservation, go away from potential problems, but steer your directions to success.

The Problem
Many of us do not know how to control our robbers. Instead, concern is in control of us. As a result, we are worried when it is done, it is unproductive – even paralysis. So how do we do this great maligned "activity" work for us?

The Solution: Steps to Successful Worrying
Identify the problem. Decide what you are worried about and write it down. Placing the paper on paper helps to clarify it and allows you to look less emotionally.

Analyze it; but only once. Now that you've identified your concern, what can you do with it? You must first ask yourself how much control you have over the things you are worried about. In each case, your concerns will fall under one of the following categories:

Manage – These are concerns you have direct control of. In this case, you will almost be relieved by writing down the steps you must take to address your concern and determine when you will take action steps.

Givens – These are problems you do not control; Therefore, they are most likely to raise concerns. If the problem falls into this category, "schedule" future time (within the next 12 hours) to worry and refuse to think about it in modern times. Sometimes you'll see that you control when or if you're worried, and you'll probably choose to do something more productive or fun with your time!

Negotiations – These are concerns that you have limited control over. Get an action plan for the concerns you may have. Then handle what is uncontrollable in the same way you talk about "givens".

Do not think about it! After you decide whether your case is a tool, specific or negotiable, and after taking steps as mentioned above, the taste is not a review of the problem. From now on, concern is no longer productive and engaging in obsession, thinking about the matter changes only in destructive or "ineffective" concerns.

Now I know what you're saying about seasonal publishers to say right: "Oh, just think about it – easy for her to say." The truth is, there are ways to prevent reviewing the problem, and here they are:

Pause the Problem – Do Something You Love. It's hard to worry when you swallow yourself into activities you like.

Have a good laugh at anything – It's especially useful if you can find humor in situations that have been fearing you.

Stay with others – Do not isolate yourself. Spending too much time is invited to take part in destructive concerns. Being with others helps keep things healthy.

Help Others – Doing this emphasizes you and reminds you that everyone is worried.

Have faith – Remember that you've solved previous problems that may have been unavoidable at the time. It also helps to turn to higher power to establish the sense of inner peace.

Ask for reassurance – Look at those you trust for support and most importantly for thoughts! Physical contact is a great cure, especially in times of uncertainty.


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