How to speed up your personal interest rates by choosing what you manage

Do you know the difference between what you can control and what you can not? Because if you do not make content that you can not manage, you end up managing yourself!

In Stephen R Covey's book, "The 7 Habits of High Effective People," he explains the difference between your "influence" – what you can control and your "circle of Concerns" affects you but you can not control .

Truth, as I've Spoken in One of My Past Articles "The only thing you can really control is yourself, your mind, managing your choice for external response and what you choose to convince others to accept your point of view. This is your "moving circle."

Your personal growth path is to gradually increase your "impact" by working on yourself.

Concerns "is anything else that affects you do not have direct control of … As the reaction of others to your actions, the weather, changes in the stock market, laws and social systems, you live by …

It is in danger of your concern

The fault for all of us is that it is so easy to teach others, teach the government, blame the weather, teach threatening habits of affairs parties when something we do not like to happen with us.

Of course, more or less external forces will affect our results. If you're just a little wheel in a big business bicycle, you'll probably get rid of work!

However, we can choose how we respond to such situations.

Take, for example, the story of Sarah who had spent many years of her life trapped in a terrible marriage. Finally, she called up courage to break down, leave her husband and get a job in the municipality. Almost as soon as she got to work, the company ran into difficulties and was told she would be posted.

Now Sara could choose to teach her former husband, company, community and countless other things. She could easily become an obvious victim of the trap to let her "Circle of Concern" control her life.

Instead, she found courage within herself to look in and ask how she could use her situations. Sara found that she could help her colleagues with the same fate. She lost her job and started offering job search advice (something she had recently experienced!) To all her colleagues who were starting out, many had worked for the company for years.

The story gets even better …

Sarah soon became a reputation as someone who had a positive and positive attitude, rather than kicking it off, and her employers took it back to where she could help to improve employee morale

… Now, win a jaw victory by increasing your power!

I hope you see it being clear about what you can control and then focus on managing it will help you get back in control of your life.

Try this for 30 days

Work to improve your response to your environment. Stop thinking about the problem out there. Take the time to stop and think how you can handle situations that you find difficult in advance. Just take one step at a time – do not worry about the size of the steps you take, just commit to yourself to make a change … and stick to it!

Keep it stable for 30 days and then look back on how far you came … I suppose you'll be pleasantly surprised at the result!


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