How to speed up reading on record time

Many avoid the speed of reading because of the time it takes to learn talent. Many programs need to be practiced for more than two months. Often you are practicing at least 30-60 minutes a day. In this article, I will describe a better way to learn how to speed up reading that takes part of time. First of all, let's see why the most speed reading programs take such a long time to study.

Most trainers use conditional response to reprogramming how the brain detects text. Repetition is a very important part of this process. Numerous mechanical exercises are performed that give you greater reading speed. Let me show you how it works.

Imagine you were learning to read speed using a typical mechanical approach. A method used in applications such as EyeQ and Photoreading. In EyeQ you are given a strange eye training to practice what allows you to see more of the text at a time. In Photoreading, you learn to use hand movements that keep your eyes moving faster and faster. These methods will definitely increase your reading speed, but they cause some major issues. Let's see what these problems are.

Do you always want to read faster? No. Imagine waiting for your favorite author to write a new novel. It took almost 8 months for the new book to appear. Do you want to finish it in a few minutes? Of course not. Imagine learning a subject that is totally unknown to you. A good example might be to study a new language such as Chinese or Calculus. You must slow down your train speed to learn new vocabulary and symbols. Here is the problem with a mechanical approach to speed reading. Reading in a mechanical way requires you to read fast all the time, or you will be able to speed up reading sometime. Here's why.

As your speed increase was dependent on the condition in your brain, anything that changes this condition will slow you down. Slow down to enjoy a novel, or learning extremely unknown information will force you to use your old trainings. Doing this with most speed reading programs will lead to losing your reading speed. So what's the solution?

This is an easy solution to this problem. If you want speed reading during recording time, you should focus on learning a fast reading strategy based on a psychological approach to increase your reading speed, and not just a mechanical approach. Learning the speed of reading using psychology instead of separation allows you to reach your maximum speed faster. It does this because you do not have very much situation to succeed. Most importantly, it allows you to demonstrate a good novel, or to study something that is very ignorant. Still, you can still go back to the highest reading without having a problem. This is the solution for reading speed during recording time.


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