How to plant carrots with caution to grow carrots successfully

When you learn how to plant carrots it is important to know that carrots grow best under cool conditions. They can survive with light frost and they are hardy. It is also quite easy to grow carrots as they can grow well during most seasons like early spring, autumn and even winter seasons.

Carrots are considered rooted. In fact, they are one of the most popular growing roots in the world. Not only that, it is also the world's most cultivated cultivation area.

Originally there are carrots from the Mediterranean. Now more and more people around the world are learning how to plant carrots in their own backyard. The fact is that they are two-year plants that can be treated like an annuals once grown in the garden.

Although we would have carrots for as long as orange, there are actually many types of carrots. They come in different sizes and colors. Because of this, most gardeners find it fun to grow carrots with unique colors and shapes like round, white and purple varieties. Despite their appearance, color and shape, carrots have a good love for their health, such as having a high amount of vitamin A.

Materials needed for planting carrots contain rootstocks, carrot seeds, fertilizers, gardening and garden shovels as shovel, planting containers and mulch.

Step 1 – Select a location that has full sunlight. The soil should be pH 5.8 to 6.8 and should be light.

Step 2 – Dig a hole with a depth of 12 inches. Then remove all traces of stones as well as other trash. Keep in mind that even a small large twig can harm the tip of growing carrot. It can stunt the root or make it fork-like.

Step 3 – Put lots of organic materials as it can expose heavy soil and increase the moisture resistance of sand variants. When grown in damp soils, carrots can become sweeter and less fiber.

Step 4 – Carrot seed should be sown directly about 2 to 3 weeks before the last estimated frost in cold areas. For those in hot weather, the best time is in spring, winter or autumn.

Step 5 – You can accelerate germination by soaking the seeds in water for about 6 hours before planting. If you do not, germination will usually take 10 or more days.

Step 6 – To warm the sun in the sun should be premature. Then spring seeds along the soil surface. Next, put them carefully and apply them with a thin layer of compost (finely sieved). However, if you plan to plant carrots later when the soil is already hot, the seeds should be planned to inch deep.

Step 7 – Cover the plants before the tops entwine. You do this by carefully pulling the root or cutting the green using scissors. Depending on the variety, allow about 3 to 4 inches between carrots.

Step 8 – Spray young plants with compost. This can ensure good growth. Then you can prevent weed and keep moisture with mulching with compost. Young plants need inches of water per week. For plants near development, you can already cut back on water use.

Step 9 – When the carrots spin orange, you can start to harvest them.


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