How to plan and succeed grow your tulip garden

What do you feel inevitably every spring, if you walk your neighbor in the yard, in the yard and in the yard … beautiful shows of the tulip. Gardens full of joy!

Leisure parks are easy to create because they are available, fine and with a wide range of colors and images. Most of the gardens and pear brochures sell the big flower garden tulips in a pack of mixed colors according to a group or in a package of named individual strains. The large-flowered garden of tulips are just made for use as bedding plants – they combine very well with forget me and wall flowers. They can also be used for high impact, organized in dispersed clusters of perennials or other bulbs. Smaller types of tulips have less choice of colors than the tulips in the garden, but they are more detailed and are ideal for rockeries and containers or frontier borders.

Requirements for well-growing tulips are:

* Choose large, healthy looking bulbs

* Have well-drained alkaline soil

* Plant in a sunny place

The soil must be well drained and preferably alkaline; if the acid is used lime just before planting. Now it's time to add fertilizers that release her nutrients gradually into the soil and provide long-lasting food for light bulbs.

The flowers of the tuberculosis in the garden and Fosteriana and Greigii hybrids are best used as plants in plants or as plants in vegetation. Plants at the beginning of winter – if they settle in the ground sooner, early growth could be frostbite. Dead head like the first petals fall, leave the stems and goes intact to feed the bulb. It is best to lift the bulbs when the leaves begin to turn yellow, but if the area is necessary for summer equipment, lift the tulip earlier, replant them at the corner and lift again when the leaves are lightened. Put the plants in a shallow box and store in a dry shed.

Plants of species and Kaufmanniana hybrid tulips in early winter, in well-drained soil in the southern position, climber from strong winds. After flowering, remove leaves and stems when they die. Leave the pears in the ground and keep the area free of weeds.

Basically, just remember the main three points

* choose large, healthy looking pears

* Have a well-drained alkaline soil

* plant in a sunny place

and lift and store all light bulbs except the species and Kaufmanniana hybrids.

In the spring you will be amazed at the colorful exhibition they provide for such a small work and in addition you have created a beautiful tulip garden of your own.
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