How to paint lubricants

Hello! Today, I would like to share with you some tips on the construction of a glasswork. Hopefully these tips will help eliminate some early dissatisfaction! As a side marker, this article is based on my own opinions and served only as suggestions and jumped off for you to enhance your creativity.

I use Glassline paint to paint on either 90 or 96 COE glass. Glassline paint is available online in Delphi Glass and other construction glass web pages. Glassline suggests diluting paint but I never have to do it. If you dilute too much, the paint will just flow out of the pointer. When you buy paint, make sure you buy at least 4 silver metal instructions. Tips do not come with paint and I did not discover these gems for a while. These tips simply screw on paint and are ready for use. Paint can be used on top of the glass (my chosen method) or between glassy.

If you are working on the project with 3 or more paintings, the tips seem to suggest quite quickly. I cut a piece of thin wire that I had in the toolbox for jewelry jewelery. Simply put the wire at the end of the tip, it should clean it. If not, screw a tip and install the wire within the tip from the inside. This eliminates all the thick paint that may have taken a tip.

Now for the best advice to you !! Many constructed glassware will carry little squeeze bottles and advice to mix paint or dilute it. Purchasing one of these small plastic bottles will save you tons of hassle. Here's what I use them for. When I've painted, I remove the tip from the Glassline bottle and replace the black cap that came on the bottle. Fill the empty squeeze bottle with cold water. Screw the tip you used while painting, squeeze the bottle filled with water. Over the sink or bucket, squeeze the bottle until clean water shoots out the end. This is such a great way to keep your advice clean. If you leave them on the paint bottle, they will definitely rise and it will decrease significantly in production.


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