How to mix the family successfully

Questions to Ask Before Your Family Is Mixed

According to the Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys, at least 66% of other marriages fail. The reasons?

1. People do not discuss and cure personal problems that play a role in completing their first marriage before they start a marriage.

2. The pressure that increases the stepchildren causes more conflict than the marriage can see.

If families are facing conflicts, adversity and freedom of what their "expectations" are before they enter into marriage, they will be well on their way to a successful mix. However, is that enough?

Conflict and adversity are common among most families, especially mixed families. While you can not expect anything that could go wrong, you can set ground rules that help you navigate the issues when they come up. It is important for each family member to share an environment that promotes healthy communication about goals and expectations for the new mixed family. The amazing part of healthy communication is that it is organic in nature, what you think you find at the start of the trip may not be what you find for six months, in any case ten years. Keep the communication routes open and consistent.

It is important to create a common basis and support the concerns of each family member. Below are six questions that you should consider setting the basic rules for your new mixed family.

1. What are the rules of the house and how can you combine what matters to you?

2. How will you enforce the rules that fit well with both parenting styles?

3. Can you set up regular time to sit down and discuss with channels the limits of any discrepancy? Use this time not only to discuss current conflicts but any conflicts you may think of in the future.

4. What can you do as a family that will help the network? Although the relationships are strong between biological parents and their children, it is the key to encouraging communication with the girl and the girls. These bonds will not happen automatically, they must be deliberately and nurtured. Time to enjoy each other company is very important.

5. What can you do as a pair to keep them romantic? The love you feel for each other is the basis of the new mixed family. If this love is not inclined, the marriage and the family will suffer.

6. What can you do to make sure all your emotional needs are met? Make the emotional needs of all members of the family a priority. Be sure to be individual and each other.


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