How to make an appointment? Add your ability to speak languages

Interviews can be scary. What is the best way to prepare an interview? I find that general speech skills are essential in almost all aspects of the company. This also applies to interviews. The fundamentals of good public speech are also in the middle of a good interview.

1. Preparation. Preparation is required to deliver an effective presentation and success interview. Anyone interviewing an interview will tell you that it is obvious who prepared for the interview and who does not. We can easily guess who makes a better view. Before the interview, be sure to learn as much as you can about your potential employer. Google is a great tool for this. Find out about company philosophy and projects. Find out as much as you can about the company's future strategy. Learn as much as you can about the faculty you have to work with and the particular job you are interviewing.

2. Audience analysis. Audience analysis is important for the public and for interview. What are your audience, why are they there and what are you specially offering them? Who will be the audience in the interview? Do you want to be interviewed by someone from HR, possibly a direct supervisor or committee? What interests do they have about their status? What are their needs? How can you develop your answers based on this information so it's clear to them that you are well prepared for the job? Find out as much as you can before, so you can prepare yourself.

3. Prepare your presentation (your stories). Take a good look at the job description and think about the skills and abilities needed and desirable for the job. Then think about examples in the past as you have demonstrated these skills and abilities. In the interview, you can use these examples / stories to give a clear picture to the interviewer that you have experience in order to succeed at work.

4. Voice control. Work with your voice for the interview to make sure you speak clearly, loudly enough and confidently. You do not want trembling and weak voice during the interview. Before the interview, practice talking smoothly and then raise your voice a bit until you think you control your voice and volume.

5. Verbal message and body language You will want to appear safe, interested, honest, caring, etc. during the interview. You can give all these messages in physical language by sitting up straight, sitting at the edge of the chair, having a good eye-catcher with the interviewer and smiling. Of course you want to make sure your personal appearance is professional.

6. Practice. The key to success with the public and successful interviews is an exercise. Practice "mock interviews" with friends or family so you have the opportunity to answer questions, turn your stories into the conversation and talk about yourself. The more you exercise, the more comfortable you will be when the interview takes place.

Improve your general talks and you will also need to improve your interview skills.


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