How To Get Your FFL Effective

If you want to know how to obtain the Federal Firearms License (FFL), you need to inform you about important information about this license. Each state in the United States has special rules and rules on ownership of guns. Nevertheless, there is a federal law on the purchase of FFL for people a company is buying / selling or repairing guns. FFL is also required before a shop is opened in connection with firearms such as manufacturers, pawnshops, dealers and collectors.


The age requirement is not less than 21 years. Another requirement is that you should never have waived or rejected your U.S. citizenship and should not be illegal alien in the country. You should be a legal resident of the state where your firearm will be installed or running. Your information office must also be clear without law concerning the legality of a federated firearm that is violated or disregarded (eg, business guns without exclusive rights); without conviction of a crime involving imprisonment for more than a year. You must not have any restrictions because you are harassing your partner, your child or your close mate.

You should not have addiction to controlled materials. If you use them for medicines, you need to get these substances legally. Another requirement is that you should never have been taken into mental illness or an organization. If you have been a military or military employee, you must be qualified.

Getting Your Form

When all the conditions are met, your next step is to get an application form (ATF Form 7 or ATF Form 7R for collectors or curiosity or memories). You can get them from ATF office or ATF distribution center. You can call the offices first to inquire about how to get an application form. A more convenient method is to get the form online from the official ATF website. Download the form of the website; open, view, fill up and save or print the downloaded form.

Fill out the form

When completing the application form, make sure that you write or provide all necessary information asked in the questionnaire. Never hold important information or worse, fake your statements. You also need to be fingerprinted by local police authorities as contained in your application form.

You must also provide your passport rate with applicable application fees. For non-destructive devices, manufacturers and importers need to pay an application fee of $ 150 good for three years; Pawnbrokers and salesmen have to pay the fee $ 200 well for three years and $ 30 for collectors. If the device in question is destructive, all manufacturers, dealers and importers need to pay $ 3,000. Finally, manufacturers need to pay a $ 30 application fee that will be good for a three year license. Application forms, fingerprints, pictures and also the charges must be sent or processed to the correct address.

Contact Local / Government

Contact Government, Local Government and State; Even law enforcement agencies about your intention to apply for FFL. You never know if there are law / local planning laws that apply to the business of an enterprise that uses the license.


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