How to get good at train speeds

Speed ​​reading is the ability to read and understand complete text when only text is read. The speed reader will achieve the words that are most important in the overall history or study program and still have an understanding of the story or important points of the course. The speed of the reader differs from the progressive reader. To fully understand the text, the progressive reader recommends each word. It is primarily recommended that someone who may want to grow to be a faster speaker should first become a talented reader.

There are different classes and methods for reading speed. In some cases, the reader is skilled to know words from only a few letters within words. If you have ever written a shortcut, this is how the words are written, ie. command could be ctrl; An expert could be printed out; reader might be rdr and so on. This is a shortened way to see the word. Abbreviations are not novelty as we see them every day in words such as corp., ABA, Co. (for companies) except for short-term read all shorter words. If you have effective control of the matter, you should not have a problem with this type of reading speed.

Another method involves the gossip of the disciples who associate the sentence together. Say: words like, but which makes it possible to be ignored to read but still does not change context or understanding.

Understanding is really a very important thing to keep in mind while reading. It is important to keep in mind that when your reading speed increases, you must also learn how to proceed with more information. Below are some methods for a brand new reader to gain the ability to read and study in speed.

1. Know what it is that you want to learn from the book you are reading.
2. Read the front and back of the book. The front cover will provide information about the author and an overview of the book, but the back cover will provide information about what other readers of the book say about the book.
3. Newcomers in a speed trial should start by reading the content you are happy with. Once you have more knowledge of technology, you can go to another difficult topic.

When you were a kid, you were trained to read one word at a time. As an adult, you want to educate yourself on what you have learned as a child and read a few groups of words at once. When you are a talented speedier, you will read blocks of words and your eyes will not return to the words previously read. To do this efficiently takes time and great attention. In the long run, your reading rate will increase and also an understanding of reading.

One tip is to use the cursor and move the cursor as you read. The cursor can be a pencil, ruler or finger that will guide your eyes to the words and reduce how long you will go back to reading.


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