How to get G-Spot well with 4 simple steps

Hitting the g-point is the key to sending your friend to the fullest of heaven. G-spot is a very sensitive area in the body of a woman, when at the right pressure, she will find sexual pleasure, which will definitely make her a more orgasm.

Let's follow these 4 steps below, so you can find and activate it:

1. Put your index into your lover's lover, with your palm facing up. If your spouse is a virgin, make sure you just put your fingers when wet enough.

2. Then, do "come here" motion with your finger and you'll be able to find a "rubber lovers" area. If that's the right place, ask her to tell you.

3. Once you've verified your location, make sure you apply the correct pressure. Make sure that a g-spot is not sensitive to contact, it is prone to pressure. When you stimulate the g-spot and the clitor at the same time, she can feel a cake. If that happens, do not worry, it's a woman ejaculate.

4. To increase the g-point gain, you can apply pressure to your g-spot at different angles or play at your speed strokes. One thing to remember is to click on her clitor while applying pressure to the g-spot. This will enable her to achieve orgasm much faster.

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