How to fix seamless travertine marble tiles

Laying the satellite marble tiles seamlessly (ie without birds) is the skill you can easily develop. Only a little knowledge, some tools, patience and diligence are necessary to complete this work successfully.

There is no need to mention this type of project. After all, if ancient Romans and Greeks could do that, why can not you?

There are only a few things inside the tile needed to complete this renovation project: thinly set mortar, chopped trowel, sticks and a soft rubber tattoo. The difficulty of this project is thought to be moderate or moderate; However, it is because some tiles may need to be reset to ensure the level of climbing across the floor.

It's all in preparation

Preparation is the key to the seamless installation of this natural stone. Ninety-nine percent of all successful home improvement work starts with the proper preparation of the workplace. For any surface – whether it's a floor, a countertop or a wall, work areas should be as high as possible before doing anything else. Check your work with a level for any tile tile.

Use of blinds on floor coverings – Bark it up in an emergency

Working from the center of the room, use the edge of the edges to equip the tuna to the surface of the floor, spread it evenly in the area where You put the travertine. Take the time when you do this to prevent ridges and / or air bags that can cause the tiles to become inappropriate.

Application of the blister on the backing surfaces is complex.

Now it's time to use the flat side edge to use the skinned foil behind the travertine marble tiles. Make sure it is even distributed everywhere, be sure to wear the edges of the tile.

Use a smooth and fixed view tile

Put the tile on the floor, apply pressure and move it back and forth in all directions to form a good bond and eliminate all unforeseen fixed air bubbles / pockets.

Then it's time to put the second tile next to the first, fix the corners and move this tile as if you did the first one.

Make sure the tiles are at the same height. Use a soft rubber pad, gently tap on the second brick beach until it lies at the first tile. It should be a tight fit without bugs.

Keep the level and get the height

Lay the level of the tile floor to ensure that the tiles are flat and rinse. If the tiles are too low, remove the tiles and add more blister to the floor. If the opposite is true and the tiles are too high, discard the travertine and remove excessively the blister. Either way, it's a cure so you can get a level of height by holding a level head and doing what you need to do to get a perfectly seamless travertine marble tile floor.


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