How to blog well

Choosing to blog your career because you want to escape a foolish job – force yourself to write about something that you do not like is like torturosis as the all-time job you're running away from! In order to blog successfully you must:

1. Find your niche. The very first choice that I think the blogger should write is content that he / she likes passionately about and interest in. In order to get rid of inspiration for worthy content, you must find areas of strength, knowledge or interest to write about. Your readers must find your posts interesting, educational or entertaining. I mean, you must give them enough reason to want to read the next post. If you love sports, for example, you can decide to write about it. Another reason I recommend that you write about something you're passionate is because your feelings and emotions show in your publications! If you find some content, but write it for just because, your readers will notice it.

2. Be consistent. If people visit your blog three times or more without seeing something new, they will usually indicate that you are not very serious. After all, they get fresh information from other related blogs. So why will they stand by you? It's ideal to put at least one post on your blog twice or more weekly and put something there every other day – if there is no comment, and maybe something related to what you read in the news.

3. Be focused. Write on unique, relevant and useful topics. Your content should not be too short and not too long. Between 300 and 400 words will make for posting. Do not let your readers get bored. Avoid spelling errors. Be accurate and straight to the point. Be interesting.

4. Be responsive. When someone gets a comment on the post, reply. People want to be answered and connected, especially when they are interested in what you do. It indicates that you care about their views. After all, the blog is created for them. Is not it?

5. Do not violate copyright laws. Do not copy and review other people's content on your blog. It's wild and it has to be avoided. Take the time to write your own unique articles. This makes you original and gives the reader the right impression that you know what you do. Come on, how would you feel if you come to my blog to find a post you posted to your site sometimes and placed on me?


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