How to avoid a woman's success

It takes more than a funny shooting line and a brilliant smile to conceal a woman. If you want to be lucky with a girl you need to know how to play the game.

The effective way is incredibly easy to reach and technology is not difficult to master. If you've always been such a boy who ends up going home alone, read that I'm going to share the secrets you really need to know. Location, Location, Location

Romantic restaurant or quiet wine bar makes an excellent seductive spot. Here you can sit down, lower your voice and introduce yourself to a girl. The touch of luxury will put it in such an uncomfortable mood that leads to misbehavior.

If you are not on a date, do not worry. Meeting a girl in a nightclub or party can lead to dancing. Even swimming pools have the potential – what better excuse to put your weapons around it than to show her how to keep the white?

Nice and Slow

Seduction take time. Put yourself in a leisurely conversation and show real interest in what the woman says. Ask open questions and evaluate her jokes. Offer unique harmonics about her jewelry, laugh at her or her choice of wine and keep your complaints or criticism on yourself.

Sleazy men do not stand an opportunity so to avoid leering on her or asking for her sex. Flirt with an awakening eyebrow and an unknown smile, but make sure all the stories you say are about your friends and & nbsp; antics, not yours.

Tell It With Smiles

If you want to let a woman guide you to get the body language correct. Turn her knees and shoulders. If you sit over her table, lean forward and study your voice so that she can only hear you. Otherwise, relax your muscles consciously and lean back and encourage it to move closer.

Do not let her catch her eyes. Instead, scroll your eye care eye and moments down on her lips. She will notice the moment in her mouth and think about kissing you right away.

Do not fidget, but use your hands fully. Emphasize points by squeezing your hand. Tell her by gently wiping your arm. As the night goes on, continue to touch her knee or brush a little hair out of the cheek. The Kiss

Keep kissing her for as long as you can. Indulge her by leaning close to her and finding excuses about chopping her arm. Keep your eye care and smile always so remotely. Now she will be desperate for you to put her lips on her.

When you kiss, make it firm but gentle. Put one hand on the small back and the other in the hair or on her arm. Go slowly on your tongue; girls prefer lots of short, sweet kisses to one long, deep one.

Tell her you're not ready to finish tonight and wait for her to invite you home.

Remember that the art of seduction is sensible and slow. Pulling her straight into the bedroom will spoil her mood, so keep kissing and gently wipe it until she leads you there.


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