How is it possible to start a new business activity?

I often talk to business owners who tell me how excited they are about a new product or service they offer … or a new business they are starting. Their comments usually contain something like, "Everybody needs this. I know I'll make a lot of money with it."

They will definitely believe that it's easy to create hordes of paying customers for a new venture. Unfortunately, it will not happen that way. Building a profitable business is a lot of work … and most of the work needs to be spent on finding customers.

Finding a large number of customers that are necessary to meet the company's financial goals can be a difficult task. In order to do it successfully, you must follow a proven, accurate policy.

By testing and error for years, I developed the following simple 5-step process that allows me to introduce new products or services almost every time. You can copy the same proven process to start your own new activity.

Step 1: Identify Your Market

Determine who gets the most benefits from your product or service. Focus on achieving them instead of trying to reach a generally defined private market.

Start by defining the ideal of your customer or customer in writing. Enter all the characteristics you expect to find with good customers. Be sure to include features that make your product or service particularly important to them.

Analyze this list to identify your market … and define it in writing.

Step 2: Find Your Most Attractive Customer Benefit

Exactly, what are the most compelling issues that you can solve for your target audience? Why is your product or service the best solution to the problem? The answers to these two questions show customers the benefits you need to emphasize in your sales process.

Step 3: Develop Some Inspirational Offers

Develop 2 or 3 offers that encourage you to look at the purchase right away. For example, can you use a special coupon offer with deadline? Are there any bonuses that you can add if your prospects or sign up for the deadline? Can you combine both in "special price plus bonus" offers?

Determine which bids in your list are the most powerful. Use it in your sales center and / or sales promotion.

Tip: Special offers that provide obvious value automatically increase your sales. It is a proven way to overcome buyer resistance and postponement. It also provides a logical reason in the buyer's mind to justify what might really be an incentive decision to buy.

Step 4: Decide How to Publish Your Business

How do you present market opportunities? Are you going to use classified or display ads in a brochure or on the Internet? Do you want to use direct mail? Is a broadcast such as radio or television, appropriate … and cost effective?

What networks can you participate in locally or online to attract your business? Are there ways you can get unpaid coverage? What other methods of promotion can you use?

Prioritize each method in your list and develop an action plan with deadlines to implement them.

Step 5: Create a Plan to Promote Customer Satisfaction

Decide what you must do to grow customers so that they continue to trade with you … and give you references.

For example, write or call customers or customers immediately after business and thank them for their business. Ask them if they are happy with what they received. Most will express their satisfaction. (It's an ideal time to request references.)

Tip: Do not be afraid of unforgettable unhappy customers. When you do, do what you need to make you feel comfortable. Most unhappy customers will not contact you about their problems. They just take their business elsewhere … and tell as many others as they can about their negative experiences – cost you a lot of future jobs.

This 5 step marketing process replacement guesses with proven methods that get results. Use the next time you want to introduce a new product or new service. You can even use it to complete a new business … or revive existing companies that are not growing.

Copyright 2005 Bob Leduc


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