Fourth Step Plan to Promote Soccer Players and Other Athletes

Why every coach needs a motivation plan . One of the most important things I've learned about football training is that every coach needs an incentive program. Motivation is important and the key to success. Motivation is what enables us to do things. It's the difference between doing something with enthusiasm, giving 100% and having a good attitude, or just making the minimum with a bad attitude. This applies to all sports.

A motivation and positive intensity that works for a thousand coaches . I started training football before the internet was popular. I had to study a difficult way – by testing and error. I was fortunate that my first training experience was as a coach assistant that was a great motivation. He was not the best technical equipment, but he was able to encourage the kids so well that the team rarely lost. Over the years, I have had the advantage of dealing with hundreds of football coaches all over the world and the motivation program below is what I think works best most of the time.

Fourth Step Program to Promote Soccer Games – List, Encourage, Praise, Prize (LIPR) . Think of stimulating your players as a 4-step process. This incentive program will work for all sports and it will also work for the school students.

First, list the actions and behaviors you want from your players. Examples might be hesitation, courage, defense or special features, such as tracking bullets for rebounds or midfields to return to defensive positions as the team loses the ball. DO NOT score results like scoring a score on the list because it is NOT enough. Train them to do what will lead to the results you want, such as being in a state of recovery and follow the instructions.

Second, encourage your players. Start inspiring your players and show them the football slots and starvations they earn – the patch is encouraging and will inspire your players.

Third, your players promise every time they do what you want, so they get praise and feedback that they are doing the right thing. Give special praise in front of the departure team if possible.

Fourth, when they do the right thing, give them a salary with a football or a stamp in front of the team and, if possible, the parents. This is a positive reinforcement and visible reminder of the prize they will receive if they please a coach.


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