Faster trainings using different movements in the eyes

You can learn and apply a lot of faster reading technology to increase the readership speed. While it's useful to understand all the technology involved, speed applications can be installed on one or two of those that help him reach his speed. Faster reading methods, not only allow you to quickly read a large amount of information, but have a significant improvement in your overall level of comprehension.

The main idea behind the ability to accelerate is to have the ability to read groups of words. This fastest reading technology enables the brain to see a set of words as one big, meaningful word. As you can imagine, this would significantly increase the amount of reading. To be efficient with this technology, you must first have an open mind about the possibility. This requires reading in a different way than we know. Accept the possibility of not reading each word and reading not only from left to right.

Studies show that our eyes only record information when they are discontinued. With us, while we read, it may seem like a continuous movement, but while the process really takes us a lot of breaks. The process goes more like "move-stop-read-move-stop-read", but continuous motion. We do not see this when we read, but try to look at others' eyes when they read and this process becomes apparent. For this reason, reading larger groups of words is faster reading technology, where less is needed.

As we read, the process can be moved vertically or horizontally. Anyone who can take both patterns into his method will be able to gain more speed and more words will be read at the same time. For each pattern reading, different eye movements are required. There are two vertical patterns, the first is the usual glossary for reading. The second is also left to right, but focusing on larger groups of words simultaneously.

Horizontal motion means that the eyes go down the page in a zigzag pattern, focusing on the main key words. This fastest reading technology allows the reader to ignore insignificant words that simply make the structure of the sentence. The reader's speed will automatically highlight the information that is relevant for reading it.

To read faster will improve the reader understanding. Taking into larger groups of words makes the brain easier to work and understand what is reading. By using horizontal eye movements, the reader will not miss information, he simply knows what to focus on and what to see.

The reader must learn that & # 39; trust his eyes. Try to allow your eyes and mind to swallow the words, rather than finishing each and every one.

An efficient reader will adapt eye movements and faster reading techniques for each type of material that he can access. Slowly read critical or difficult things and scan quickly over simple or unnecessary information.

With some exercises you can achieve faster reading methods by someone.


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