Effective transfer in management

As you progress in your career, you find yourself in a position where you are responsible for managing others. Management, unlike many technical aspects of work, is not complicated or difficult. Yet many conflicts when it comes to making movement in the management. So how can you increase and increase the likelihood that you can switch to managers?

1. Promote

This may seem like a weird tip but you really need to step into your new role and acknowledge that you are doing another job. One of the common mistakes people make is to spend 100% of their time by doing everything they did before, leaving no time to manage. Make clear what is expected of you in your new role. Spend time in organizer for management or it will never happen. Find out what you're saying you no longer have to do.

2. Discover What Encourages Members

If you're really encouraging yourself and other team members, you need to understand what encourages. Remember that what motivates you could change others completely. Some potential incentives are:

o Obtaining deadlines

o Getting regular feedback

o Diversification of projects

o Participation in a training event or conference

Managers often consider that the money is at the top of the motivators list. The fact is that most studies indicate that this will be further down on a list of what is relevant to encouraging staff.

3. Set Time To Organize

If you are dealing with competitive requirements, make sure that you focus on relevant activities. Make time weekly and daily to see where you spend your time. The key to successful multitasking is to ensure that you respond to immediate needs and lay the foundation for the future by looking at new and other ways to succeed.

4. Create a Development Plan

When you get into a new role you will have development needs. If you do not, why did you take the job? Indicate all the skills, knowledge and personal qualities you need to perform as best. Use your own self-assessment and 360 responses to identify your development goals. Use this information to provide quarterly development activities.

5. Create a Great Team

Having the right people around you, doing what they do best is necessary. Take a moment to review your team. If you find that you have rectangles in the circular holes, do something about it. While it may be tempting to just ignore the problem, it's not a good long-term plan. It may be that someone who is not right for your team might be ideal in the other part of the organization that uses its strength.

Bottom line – Being great at work does not guarantee success as a manager. So what do you need to focus on a successful transition to management?


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