Create an environment for personal growth by offering the garden

The individual's environment often has a lot to do with his capital ratio. With personal interest, it means making progress in areas such as peace of mind, understanding others, loving others, patience, humanity, etc. It can be said that personal growth means personal development in the areas described by Benjamin Franklin as "13 virtues." Environment can often affect the individual's growth, especially because of personal progress or lack of it in different periods of one-person.

Personal growth is greatest when someone loves and nourishes us. In his best-selling book, A Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck defines a love that "wants to expand in order to protect your own and other spiritual growth." It is far from what most teenagers (and some adults) today think love is. But it is similar to the one who believes the key to providing an environment that leads to personal growth that Peck calls it "spiritual growth."

The main term here is "to nurture." To foster someone means loving, believing in being good at supporting, supporting, maintaining and lifting up. The opposite to foster is to be strong, critical, typical, to underestimate, obscure, condemn or simply not interested in anyone.

If Scott Peck's definition of love is right, everyone will nurture those we truly love. The magic is that we love are more likely to experience personal growth, which is exactly what we want for them if we really love them.

The change is always slow. Even after we decide to change (which is a big step in itself). We often find ourselves falling back into old habits. But slowly, over time, if given a healthy, peaceful and well-maintained garden to grow in, we can definitely grow and ever flourish. Sometimes this growth is so slow that it is hard to detect but when we see it happening in ourselves, it is very satisfactory.

We want to see those we love to experience personal growth. Nothing is more adequate. According to Scott Peck, that's what the love is about. Cursing someone, criticizing them or hounding them to change is not very productive, but to foster them by creating a peace of mind, acceptance, encouragement and faith in oneself has great power. Change takes time, often years. We need to be prepared to provide annual nutrition before we expect more.

Be patient. It may take many years to continue to foster before you get the desired results. You have to do it just because you love. But if you constantly grow them, they will tend to bloom over time.


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