Considering integrating Cat Tree

Many people believe that your cat is a part of what surface it chooses to scratch. I read a lot of ads where people say their cats will not use their scratchboard, cat towers or cat flat furniture. I assume that this is true mostly because many cats are bought, approved or hereditary when they have already used to using the nails on a variety of surfaces to scratch and develop a choice.

I have three cats of different sexes who have been used to wear blankets on the ground or carpeting at home. I longed for one of my cats, torn carpets that covered the cat's scratch posts and replaced it with a cat tree that has a sisal rope wrapper. My tigra would come into the bedroom, approaching a new tree where the old man was before scratching. He just wanted to get into the tower on the bottom and sit there. I thought I had hurt him emotionally at first.

We also inherited our recent third litter, which was recognized as carpet. He simply wanted to go to various warm blankets around the house and clawed them to stick their nails.

I was initially worried that I would have trouble revising the cats so that they would take the new cats and the cat glass that I had put through the house. I'm here to tell you that the cats can convince to scratch the sisal rope. We first tried to spray the posts with a catnip solution. This method brought the cats to the cat tree and they were very interested, but it did not make them start to finish and scratch it.

The method I used to get my cats to start scratching their cat tower was starting to play with them on the posts with a piece of yarn. The yarn has a characteristic of what makes it possible to stand or intertwine with a sisal rope. I would wrap the yarn over the posts and pull it slowly to get cats & # 39; attention and intrigue. After a few seconds the cat tried to receive the yarn. When the cat clothes started fishing on the sisal rope wrapped posts it was like they figured out themselves that would be a good scratch surface.

I had to continue playing cats in the cat with yarn for a couple of days before they developed the habit of returning to the meat tree for scratching. I also save the award for cats in the form of cat health when they started to start using their cat scratch posts. Now I'm no longer worried if they want to use their cat furniture. I still play with the cats by using yarn regularly, but now it's just fun, instead of trying to get them to use the cat turrets.

In short, cats can be trained to scratch on different surfaces. You can use Catnip spray and toys to bring cats into scratches. I found that playing with a yarn is best to get cats to start scratching.


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