Clickbank Tutorial – How to successfully sell Clickbank products as an affiliate or merchant

There are various ways to make money online. To name a few, sell on eBay, Google Adsense, sell books and promote products as Clickbank affiliates. The fact that you read this article means that you already heard about Clickbank, since you have already registered as Clickbank linked. If you have not done so, I recommend that you sign up immediately on their website.

In this article I will show you how to choose a good product in a smaller urban area and how to sell the product as an affiliate or merchant.

Why Clickbank is Best?
When you browse the Clickbank Marketplace, you will find thousands of products to promote. Most of them are electronic books (books). Well, this is a great opportunity for you. The Internet is about information and people are watching the internet because they want to learn something or look for a solution. Even in the real world when you want to learn something, you would go to a bookstore and buy books related to content.

The same goes for the internet. When you offered the same information but half price than a local bookstore with instant downloads, people would probably buy from you.

Step 1: Go to Amazon and get a topic.
The idea is: If one printed book in that material is sold, you could make more money when you sell computers in the same language. The best place to start your research is the Amazon Marketplace. To get started, just check the library. Forget other sections like Digital Camera or Kindle without you wanting to sell hard from Commission Junction.

The great thing about Amazon is the books are categorized in a lot of content already. Take an example that you want to introduce something related to home and garden. There are lots of subcategories. Let's try the pet section. Try to avoid common pets like dogs, cats or chicken. Yes, there might be a lot of demand out there, but it's also a competition. Try something that not many would take as a pet. For this example, I took Animal Care and Pet> Reptile and Amphibians.

By default, Amazon measured the results based on sold which means that all books appearing on the first page are the most reptile and amphibious classes. Now I found one topic, Bearded Dragon manual. That is good.

Step 2: Find Out If This Market Is Profitable or Not
Next I came with Bearded Dragon in Clickbank Search and see what's up. Guess what this stuff was not popular among the Clickbank market. When I wrote this article, the keyword Bearded Dragon returns only eight results.

The first result was "Bearded Dragon Care Made Easy". The gravity factor of this product was 1.04. That's a good hint. If you understand Clickbank gravity, gravity shows level 1 or more that the product is in a hot market. To reach the gravity block 1, only Clickbank affiliate will sell the product last week. Which means "Bearded Dragon Care Made Easy" was sold by one market last week (probably the owner of the product himself).

Step 3: Use Google Keyword Tool
Google gets the highest search queries every day so undoubtedly, this keyword tool returns most keywords compared to other search engines. Enter the bored dragon in the query and search. You will get a lot of keyword phrases.

Step 4: Check Competition
Upload keywords in CSV format, then copy and paste each keyword one by one in the Google search box. Make sure you put citations on each keyword. For example, "Feeding Bearded Dragon". Then press search. If this sentence returns less than 10,000 results, less than 1,000 is possible, it's a good keyword.

Step 5: Send traffic with Hubpages or EzineArticles.
There are plenty of obsolete resources found that to drive traffic to search engines, you need to create a blog or website that is SE optimism. While the fact is true, it may take months, sometimes years to get traffic in that way. Even if your site gets a good seat for a few weeks, it could easily be characterized by other web pages.

The best way to get targeted, increased traffic to your website or affiliate link is by using affiliate links like EzineArticles, Squidoo, Hubpages or eHow. These websites have been online for many years, providing good content and search engine friendly. So undoubtedly, if you submit articles on these websites you get traffic in seven days.

The key is to provide high quality articles and not large quantities. The higher its quality, the more Google loves your article and the easier to convert it into sales.

Step 6: In the long run – create your own blog and select your own list.
Mailing list is the most powerful asset that any online market must have. Even in the real world, people would buy from those they trusted. By increasing your list, you can increase your sales speed up to 10% compared with 2% less without it. Some people will think twice and delay before they buy something. It is important that you remind them of the products several times. Based on research, people would buy a product after seven follow-ups.


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