Can we speed up reading in foreign languages?

Many people regularly read text in many different languages. Still, for most of us there are only one native language. In the case of speed reading, most people start with the native language. But can you apply these skills to texts in foreign languages?

Speed ​​reading technology is generally not language-specific. For example, the principle that you should avoid backward eye movement while reading will increase reading speed in any language. Therefore, these skills can be applied to texts written in different languages. It is difficult to say whether speeding technology was more efficient in certain languages.

But the average reason for text that is written in different languages ​​can not be ignored. English has become somewhat shorter on average than in other languages. This means that the train message in English measured in words per minute is somewhat faster. Average average reading speed is 180-250 words per minute for texts written in English. For German text, the average speed is 20% lower. However, it does not mean that you can apply for speed reading better than German text. It will enable you to increase the reading speed in both languages, although the speed will always be higher than in English.

It is therefore possible to speed up reading in different languages, but can we do it in foreign languages? The answer to that question is yes. If you have approved speed training, you can download them in English, German, French or any language. Of course, you should have a good transfer in that language. If your language command is poor, you can not apply speed reading methods in this language. For example, my native language is Estonian, but I am also able to speed up reading text in English. I can read texts in German or Russian too, but I'm very quick to read them because my German and Russian skills are not that good.

If you start learning speed reading technology, it is recommended to do it in your native language first. Even your foreign language language is great that it's easier to read in your native language. You must learn the methods properly and it is easier to focus on them if you read it in your native language.

After reading the speed of reading skills and feeling confident when you apply for daily reading, you can start reading speeds in foreign languages ​​too. Indeed, it's not that hard. However, your reading rate in foreign languages ​​is somewhat slower than in your native language.


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