Breast rabbits for meat

Many individuals are growing rabbits to prepare for high quality meat for the table. And it's not hard to see because growing other kinds of meat like pork, chicken and beef requires more space and more labor. In addition, domestic rabbits produce all white meat that is high quality, low in fat and easy to digest. In fact, many doctors recommend rabbit meat for individuals with digestive problems.

Everyone recognizes that rabbits can reproduce very quickly and simply one pair of rabbits that can produce over one hundred pounds of high quality meat each year. One doe can produce ten times her body weight each year. And the amazing thing is that she can produce it in an area of ​​less than one hundred square feet. Rabbits can even be taken up in a small house or garage. With a couple of pairs you can raise adequate amounts of high quality meat to provide a small family but have enough amount left for the neighbors. Chickens are another great way to produce their own meat, but they need a lot more area and effort.

A proper rabbit sphere is the only work that is usually necessary to check their food and water every day, perform visual health food and keep a breeding book. Cleaning the pens at any given time is also a first-rate idea. Rabbits are very healthy and bright animals and will generally maintain good physical health and productivity if stored in sanitary.

Opposing lots of other animals, infant rabbit rabbits are completely taken care of by their mother. They are usually 6 to 8 weeks, which is also the age they get to the fryer size. This means that when you come to growing rabbits they will usually not need any assistance from you. The mother will do just about all the work for you. Milk is rich and nutritious and is all cancer rabbit required.

Another benefit of raising rabbits is that after they are slaughtered, the meat will be low in cholesterol and fat, high in protein and easier for man to digest than beef, chicken and pork. In addition, no pad is needed. Once you have had enough exercises, you must be efficiently pulling away for a very short time and have the meat in the freezer in just 10 or 15 minutes. And if you want to raise your own vegetables, you'll be happy to know that bunny fillings make great fertilizers. Fertilizers from many farm animals will burn your plants, but the rabbit fertilizer will not.

The best type of rabbit to produce meat is perhaps white New Zealand. These animals are unusually bulky and will grow in approximately 13 pounds when they are fully ripe. The majority of manufacturers will usually not let them reach this size and slaughter them as fryers at 8 weeks of age. The average weight is 4 to 5 pounds and the standard rubbish size for New Zealand rabbits is 8 to 10 rabbits.

Another moving meat breed is white Californian. They receive up to 10 pounds on a maturity less than New Zealand. Californian also has fewer children in rubbish than New Zealand, which is 6 to 8 children. Sometimes professional breeders will cross these two species because they will usually produce very good children. Raising rabbits for meat can be a fun and satisfying task if done correctly.


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