A Quick Guide to Speed ​​Reading

You may find that speed allocation is essentially a way to read which text is faster than usual. Speed ​​readers do this either by skimming & # 39; text and capture highlights, or by reading certain words or phrases that capture the essence of the text.

It has been found that the average perception of an average person is approximately 75%. When trying to read speed without proper instructions or instructions, people often drop this rate to 50% or less, as the process also reduces their understanding. This destroys the purpose of reading, because general learning is a compromise in the process. So what are the main secrets of effective speed reading?

Before we do, it can be said that this mode of absorbing information has both its advocates and detractors. Those in favor say that an individual can increase his IQ and less in the process of reading speed. Those who oppose it say that because reading conditions under 50% do not serve purpose, so it's not the best way to read and study.

The ability to draw information in a speed-dial is certainly less than normal reading, which means that the reader could not be able to process information of the best choice. Here are some great tips to using this technology:

1. It's best to preview content before the start, so that you get a fair idea about this topic. The best way to scan the content is to include the title, the title and the total length of the content.

2. When the preview is complete, the accelerator needs to decide how to handle the reading of the content. Many people choose to spend longer periods in certain key paragraphs.

3. Keyword ringing is very useful, as you do not have to concentrate on reading each word. The idea is to focus on these keywords and skip words like & # 39;

4. It is common to read a word to be excluded when reading speed. The list of skimming & # 39; Text can only be achieved with heavy exercises; But when it's possible, you can reach train speeds of up to 700 words per minute, instead of a normal reading frequency of 200-250 words per minute.

In view of the discussion of this technology, it should not be doubtful that it has any appropriate use, which explains why so many people spend a lot of money on reading classes.


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