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I recently left the classic movie, "Pride and Prejudice," from my shelf to watch her again. To say that the story is infusion with entangled connections is a lack. In fact, in the days of Jane Austen, people have a life of relationships; They were the number one rule of the time, making a proper connection and fostering the relationships that bind.

It made me think of my own relationships, which have already been at the top of my mind because I have been on a permanent end to such important connections, especially late. It also made me think of what it means to build and maintain relationships in our lives.

This article might just be correct, "Do you want friend, be friend" because the connection is true and permanent, it's important to give as much, if not more than you get. Science shows when we are in happy relationships, serotonin neurotransmitters in our brain enhance us and hold us in a better spirit. As such, you tend to be healthier and sometimes even live longer!

We can always do more than we already do in this field, but here are some reminder to make your things in friendship or any important relationship, whether it's a lifetime or for The meanime:

  • Take the time – set the next time to foster your friendship
  • Follow – When you receive an email or phone message, answer it in a timely manner. And do what you say you're going to do; do not make an empty promise. We all get overwhelmed sometimes with obligations, but repeated broken follow-up will only get you labeled as a flag.
  • Do not be a fair weather – support the ups and downs evenly. The true friend sits with you in the worst times, perfectly present.
  • Do what they want too – just because it's important to them. When giving away from that place, it's not a sacrifice but a close relationship.
  • Tell the truth – do not be afraid to talk about your thinking in a genuine way. If it is sent to the open rather than constructively, it is likely that it is not considered a criticism. Nobody likes to know, I know what's best for you, but a friend who will let you know questions to help you see your own truth is a true friend. To tell the truth is also about how you feel when a situation arises. The truth is powerful stuff!
  • Be generous – the generosity of the words, the Spirit and the Times forms the core of communication. Remember strings can go a long way, and it can take only a few seconds sometimes.
  • Remember the courses – keep your calendar just for these important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, special moments, and points to acknowledge them. Think about how you feel when someone does the same for you.
  • Hold your dream – this is my favorite way to give my relationships. It's not so important to believe in your friends and & # 39; dreams and goals, even when they do not. Words of encouragement are often the ways they need to put forward. "You will be brilliant at this!"

The links that bind us are the people of our lives. Making the most of those connections is what makes it all worthwhile.

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