40 years stay on track! Crime and prison need not be a guiding life!

The statistics seem to be overwhelming! Every year, state and federal prison officials in this country release more than 600,000 men and women. Less than three years later, about 480,000 of them returned to prison.

Every year, 200,000 criminals go to jail for the first time. For the past 30 to 35 years, hundreds of organizations and ministries have tried to find these figures with minimal success. I do not criticize the efforts of these organizations and ministries, but the facts remain. When looking at long-term reuptake – 25 years or more – only a few criminals – maybe less than 50,000 each year, get out, stay and become wealthy.

Frankly, I do not know what proportion of persons who are issued from prison continue for 25 years or more and will be change trips. But what the numbers could be, I want to expand them. Then, in addition to this introductory article, I will write 12 sections in the next three weeks, designed to open the doors of men and women who have to do the same hard times I've done, from crime to donation.

I consider this order my gift to more than two million prison judges and more than seven million who are not really free, but are simply present between prison sentences. I'm blessed that not only did I look at the destruction of crime and prison, but I have also achieved excellent results.

Consider this summary of 60 years of experience of crime and change.

I made my first crime when I was six years old. I jump five dollars from my niece aunt's aunt. In the next 20 years, I did something criminal every day. Durham (NC) police arrested me for the first time when I was 11 years old and six years later when I was 17, the judge sent me to a 2-5 year prison. It was my original prison sentence. Prisoners release me in May 1962 and I continued to do a crime. Another judge sent me back to prison again in August 1963, this time with a 7-9 year sentence. Prisoners released me at parole in December 1965 in Washington, NC. I thought I was trying to tell prison but certainly enough in July 1966 because I had attacked my wife at that time, stole a car in my attempt to arrest and broke numerous traffic laws in a continuous chase, judge sentenced me in prison again. Prison officials in the Creswell prison, now in jail, escaped me from prison on December 9, 1968. On December 9, 2008, I celebrate my 40th birthday from crimes and jails. During these 40 years, I have been a successful journalist and professional writer, college professor, radio and television producer and networking market. Today, I operate a successful home based contract with many domestic and international manufacturers of quality products and services.

What happened? What changed? Why was I able to cancel crime and prison in 1968 when I had miserably reacted before? I will present answers to these and other questions in this 12-part series. Anyone who is caught in crimes and serving time, together with those who love those individuals, should read this order. The topics contain the following:

1. Stop! You do not have to make a crime!
2. Stop! You do not have time!
3. Can you see the view?
4. Will you handle a project?
5. Criminal v. Change Activist, Part One
6. Criminal v. Change Activist, Part 2
7. Let's Collect FLOC (Family and Loved Criminals), Part One
8. Let's Collect FLOC, Part 2
9. How to Plan to Stay!
10. How to Organize Your Work and Work Your Plan!
11. How to Think about Your Business!
12. Welcome to

I guarantee that this category will be the most important collection of useful articles for hundreds of thousands of individuals. We have to deal with facts! Criminals cause crimes, so criminals can only reduce crime. It's not a mystery why criminals make a crime. They believe that it's ok to harm others to work for yourself. How criminals can learn to stop making crimes as one of the most important and important issues that govern our nation today. I know these answers. I will open the door for them this series.

Help me spread the word! Contact any FLOC member you know and recommend this order. I've been learning, experiencing and waiting for four decades to writer this series. I wanted to make sure that I had the knowledge, insight and understanding needed to write this order and additional information that will help those who really want to change in order to keep that context and make the journey from crime to be offended limit.

See you at the top!


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