3 Advantages of Learning Speed ​​Read

People often ask me to tell them about the 3 benefits of reading speed. This article contains the information I often share with these people. Enjoy it.

More information is printed for a week in the NY Times, but an individual who lived in the 18th century had to study in his own life. Yet we still read at the same rate as anyone who lived in the 18th century was reading. About 200 words per minute. However, today there is a big difference. The world economy now operates information. Speed ​​reading is a powerful tool for learning information faster and better. Did you know that the average person can increase the reading rate by 100% in about 4 hours. Think about this. You spend four hours learning skills that can double your ability to learn about the rest of your life. What incredible benefits.

Speed ​​reading is a great way to learn new skills. Three years ago, one of my students told me how to use a speed limitation to take a free trip to Hawaii. This person often lectures on cruise ships in exchange for free cruise ships. They wanted to go to Hawaii. The ship's ship wanted someone who could teach Photoshop and digital photography. Using speed reading this individual was able to learn both skills in less than 10 days. To put this in context, it takes about four years to study Photoshop at university. This ability to learn new skills in a few hours is another benefit of speed behavior.

The last benefit of speed reading is perhaps the most important. It is the ability to increase your productivity. Intel estimates that they lose almost 1 billion dollars a year because of information that their people have lost or forgotten. Imagine being able to continue on important task information. What an amazing competitive advantage would give you business. Your ability to stay ahead of your competition and increase money by using information more efficiently is definitely the third benefit for reading on the freeways.

When you learn how to speed up reading, I'm sure you'll find even more benefits. Most do it.


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