Write your first first book – Five Myths you need to overcome

This short article is the first in a row that provides instructions for new authors. In addition, I hope that it can also inspire the authors' experience. With this initial setup, I will start from the rejection site, as it was: Things not to be done.

My reasoning is simple, if we can help you eliminate some bad habits, we might be able to release your fingers so they can dance happily over the keyboard again. Are you a game?

Myth 1: Writing a book is like feeding one word at a time. Please release, live for free and expect this to be the first of many, if not many books. Do not despair over each word. Let you experience the process of writing, viewing, writing and reviewing. Because after a few months of careful planning and work, you must realize that at a certain point you have to kick the book out of the nest and let it fly.

Myth 2: The writing of a book is an ugly business. Enjoy the writing and when you no longer put you off, do not enjoy it, or else go down, change your scene, write another chapter, go out or sing a song. You have hopefully chosen this process written: enjoy it. It could be so much worse – imagine if you were digging cuts with your bare hands. This is easy in comparison! Change the speed to provide freshness and power to write. For example, an alternate between difficult, easy, creative and cultural projects so nobody only states your day.

Myth 3. The main secret: Protect my work from the light of the day. On the contrary, friends, families, or universities invite you to read and criticize your work. Talk to those who want to talk to you about it and give you feedback. The more you speak, the more you will develop it and see gaps or inconsistencies in your writing. Great writers know and use the power to read and criticize their benefit.

Myth 4. I need to know the entire book before I start. From my experience, I know my stuff, but I always allow new ways to develop and develop my books when I work with them. I have a clear and detailed outlines for each book, but I also have a new insight, experience and events. And if your books have characters in them, do not limit their behavior before they come alive on pages – allow them to grow through your work! Let the book and frame be flexible to improve as you breathe life into your book as the words leak from your fingertips, on the keyboard, on the screen.

Myth 5. Publishers are always right. On the contrary, they are people! Read your contracts, become part of professionals to know what the usual terms are and when you know your content correctly, take care of it. There are many cases where publishers changed books as "trash", which became the best seller.

Print these points, eat them next to the screen and encourage them to continue to enjoy writing the project. Live your dream of writing. Whether you are writing 30 minutes a day or 10 hours, I encourage you to review the 5 myths described above and discover the freedom of the voice, write to the audience and use the experience.


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