Visual and enhanced reading comprehension during speed exam

Learning to review while reading can be one of the most important steps you can take to improve reading comprehension. In this article I will provide a scientific explanation for this.

We often hear, "the picture has become a thousand words." Though speed reading learning to create images makes the difference between searching for text and actually understanding it. Let you make a simple experiment that clearly shows this principal.

Find a tree that has grain that you can see. There can be furniture, flooring, whatever works for you. Now imagine that you are on the phone, and have to explain to someone at the end, no matter what the grain in that wood seems. Explain so clearly that this other person can really see what you are looking at. Spoiler alarm. You can not do this. No matter how many words you use, you'll never be able to use words to capture all the nuances of the grain.

Notice how easy your eyes see information in the woods. When you look at an object, your brain is in analog mode. It takes all the information at once as a picture. When you speak information you are working in digital mode. The brain has to convert the information into a form that is transported one word at a time. By learning to take pictures while reading, the brain will read in analog mode. This allows you to record more high quality information for a much less time.


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