Using repeat eye technology technology to read speed

There are several faster reading methods that speed readers hire to read very fast and understand what they are reading. One of them is Returning Eye Sweep motion technology. This is a method that allows the flexible movement of the eye against words, sentences and paragraphs. As an eye moves from one end of the sentence to the other end, it quickly skips to the second line and the third line and so on as it tries to capture useful information along the way.

This is a diagram illustrating how repeated video technology works.

Eye Movement ———————-> Your Eyes Move Down Here
************* *** ***************************** ***************
>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Continue from another line.

As the eyes scroll through all the words in direct sentences, it quickly captures important information and goes to another line without risk or hesitation. The reader has tried to go naturally through difficult terms that may not be initially clear to him, and then he does not stop as he reads.

All speed readers who use this method learn to start looking at the subject first by interrupting first and when it starts, it stops him; he places his eyes on a steady move and the eyes look for relevant information about the reader's intentions. To achieve this kind of speed, you must learn how to read quickly using this policy. You may want to practice using magazines, magazines, newspapers or content that you are good at. Once you have read such content slowly, try using the eye sweep method and see how well you go. Let you take an exercise and read it together.

The use of Eye Sweep motion technology to speed read the sentence below:

The threat of fireworks in the United States:
One of the most remarkable events that mark independence today is to use the fireworks display to celebrate. However, the use of fireworks causes serious injuries and clinics over 80,000 children within two years and three years. As a result, the United States Government is reviewing the use of fireworks for any kind of gospel. Thus, there may be new laws that strictly prohibit the use of fireworks in all cases.

Now with a stop watching yourself:

How fast is your sweep again?
How long did you complete the reading sentence above with this method?
What do you understand during this period?

To test your level of understanding above, answer the following:

A. What is the title?

B. Why is fireworks revised?

C. What is the review of fireworks?

D. What categories of people have been hurt by this trend?

E. What is the number of people and how long?

F. What future chances are fireworks with the US government?

When using eyelash exercise, try to keep your progress card well. This will be useful for monitoring how well you are doing. Enter the time, comprehension and type of speed technology you use every time you practice.

It should be noted that there are other eye technology that can be used to achieve incredible speed in reading. Such methods like eye fix method, and others are methods that are unique for each person who is fast reading. The secret here is to practice and practice and practice more. There is no magic weapon bigger than this.


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