Tips to read faster from the computer screen

Many of us work with a computer all day and it's usually you read a lot more text from the computer screen than paper. Can you apply for reading technology for reading from a computer? Yes, you can like the general speed reading technology apply to both reading from a computer or a book. However, there is some difference and you will benefit if you read from the computer screen if you use the following tips.

If you read from the computer you can have the option of working text and making it easier for you to read. That means you can change how the text is displayed on the screen. The first thing you should look for is to edit the text so that there are two columns per page. Once the text is broken into two narrow columns, you can read it faster than a single single broad text. So, when possible, convert the text into two column formats.

Next, you could make changes, the font size and size. Many texts, especially MS Word documents are written in Times New Roman font, but this is not the best for reading on speed. Test results have shown that texts in Arial letri could read at a faster rate. Therefore, if possible, change the text in Arial font.

Typical 12-point text is not the best solution for quick reading. If your close-up image is normal then you'll benefit from reducing the font size to cover more text. However, you should avoid the font size being too small as if you read it, your eyes will get tired after some time and this will lower your speed reading. 9pt Arial is the best font to read speed from the computer screen.

The distance you sit from the computer is also important. If you read from the computer, your eyes should be a bit far from the text, but compared with reading from paper. It should be 50 cm (20 inches) or more. In any case, you must be satisfied when reading from that distance. If you want to read faster, you should read the text from a shorter distance to get more text in the field of view.

Correct lighting conditions are also important. If you're reading a computer screen, there should be enough background light in your room. If you sit behind your computer in a dark room, there is a big contrast between the screen and the background, which causes your eyes to get tired fast and it slows your train speed. In addition, you must avoid direct sunlight on your computer screen as it will make reading difficult.

You can use the cursor to keep track while reading from the computer screen. Put it on the left edge of the text. Begin to read and move the cursor vertically so that it always points to the line you read. Doing this will be easier to manage and if you move the cursor at a smooth and steady pace then it allows you to keep a good pace to read.

The bad thing about reading from a computer is that you need to browse the text, which spends time and deviates your attention. To reduce the need to browse, use full screen mode when reading documents. Getting a bigger camera will lower the amount of flash you need to do. As continuous scrolling would make it hard for your eyes to find the right line, you should scroll the text to a large extent. While browsing, follow the text with your eyes to make sure you will not lose your text and you can continue reading without losing much time. By developing a good motion key, you can continue to read your train speed.


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