The Secrets of Speed ​​Reading – How to absorb more information

Speed ​​reading is one of the most powerful things that you can learn to manage important information. Many people succeed in learning to read faster but are disappointed with the preservation and understanding of information. This article will explain how to absorb more information so you can use speed reading efficiently.

If you want to absorb more information while reading reading, one of the most important things you can do is set your goal. The famous self-trainer, Zig Ziglar, used to say, "If you want to reach the goal then you need to know what you're aiming for." Most speeds read without having a clear picture of what to target. Without having a special goal, your brain will not know what to look for at high reading speed. Then, learn how to set up the special goals you need to improve your understanding.

Most read the same way they were taught in the first grade. They start by reading the first page, first paragraph, first sentence and first word. Then they read the second word, the third word and so on. This is exactly what you do not want while doing reading. Speed ​​reading is increased by shading the subject at very high speed before reading. Why? Skimming gives your brain foresight. You can see what kind of content you will learn in the text so you can expect it. In fact, you can start installing file folders in your brain for information. Here's how to do this.

Start skimming the text every 2 seconds on each page. Look at the big picture. What are the topics or topics that are covered by your content? Provides your text to help you find important information. Items like special fonts, formatting, charts, pictures, and charts are a good example. Examples of items used by the author to draw attention to certain information. They use these methods to make certain material separate from the body's body. To let you know that this content is more important than the rest of the text.

Skimming does not give you a thorough understanding. Properly performing it gives your brain the necessary information to set our special goals. When you target information and set your goals, you will find it easier to read at very fast speeds with excellent understanding. Once you've tried it, you do not want to go back to slow reading.


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