The secret to raising Koi Fry

Starting to raise Koi fry begins with the eggs. You should make sure that Koi raise your pond is equipped with meteorites or equivalent because the eggs require well-aired water to develop.

Some Koi soldiers will use mechanical filters in ponds during cultivation, but this is not the best idea, because when you raise Koi fry they can suck the filter. This can be found by putting a nice network around the water's sampling. Microscopic food particles can become stuck on the foam around the filter. This connects the children to the area and they were pulled into the filter.

You can forget to use a filter altar if you are ready to make frequent changes to water. You need to change roughly. 20 percent of water on exchange of water.

Koieggur will usually last 3 to 7 days after the water type. If the water temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), they will last for about 3 to 4 days. You must know when the eggs are close to hatch because they will take a special shiny look.

Next you will be able to see them depart and move into the egg, and a few hours later they will escape! Now you are ready to start raising your Koi steak.

As soon as the children have left their eggs, they will attach them next to the pond. Koi steak has a clipped pad that allows you to continue this way for 2 to 3 days. It is equally important to get enough oxygen to raise Koi fry as it is to keep your eggs healthy.

After 2 or 3 days of being connected, they will go to the surface of the ponds to get some air.

When this happens, air breaks apart into the bladder. Then they will be able to swim happily by the pond!

At this point you need to start feeding them. Very little Koi steak can be eaten freshly chopped saltwater shrimp. Hard-boiled eggs are also a good option in the early days to raise the children.

If you can not give them this, you can use Koi foods that are for sale in business. Make sure to use only a special Koi food with high protein content and be sure to grind it in fine powder before it is given to them.

After approx. 7 days, you can start to feed a special food consisting of fine powdered crumbs. When they reach roughly 1/2 inch, they can graduate with little balls and when they grow, you can gradually increase the pills size until they are consuming the same food and their parents. Feeding is one of the most important factors in raising Koi fry to be happy and healthy.

It is easy to overfoot them and cause water to contaminate. Young fish is very sensitive to ammonia. You must limit your feed and provide a daily change of water. The easiest way is to use water from your adult pond as long as your koi is healthy and the quality of the water is good. You need to keep an eye on the quality of water to prevent fungi.

If you follow these principles, you should not have any trouble by raising Koi Steaks!


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