The secret of achieving some personal growth goals!

We all have an insufficient desire – elements of our lives that we want to change or grow. And we all know – from experience – having a desire, intent or even a plan is not enough. How often have you wanted, intended, and intended to lose weight, start meditating, write a novel, get a new job or change a relationship pattern only to find yourself repeating the same old habits that give you the same old results?

It's one tried and proven secret to attract and create what you want. This secret has been used by leaders in all areas to achieve any kind of goal. It's not natural ability, perfect timing, or happiness. There's something we can do no matter who we are or what we've gone through.

This secret is a daily exercise – take one action every day to participate in what you want.

Daily exercise is the way you take life in your hands and offers Providence to assist you. It ensures that you live your priorities and show the universe what is important to you. It ensures that the most important thing is not pushed away.

To create a powerful and sustainable daily job – one that is both workable and effective, simply ask yourself the following 12 questions. You do not have to spend much time with this or give it a lot of thought – though you can, if you want. Simply ask yourself each question and see what comes to mind. Then go to the next question.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

QUESTIONS # 1: What is your first digit number?

What's most important to you now? What is your dream? Choose one that you want to practice, no matter how big or small.

QUESTION # 2: Why do you want to practice this?

What's your purpose? What do you hope to experience, get or contribute?

If you do not know why you are doing something, it will fall next to it. When you do not feel like doing it or when something comes up, you will let it go. Knowing your "why" continues to be strong!

QUESTION # 3: What exactly do you have to do?

Define the actions you will take.

For example, saying I'm going to eat healthy and I've started practicing are good intentions but poorly defined practices. Instead, it's better to say that "I'm going to stop eating fried foods and I'll eat at least one cup of fresh fruit or vegetables three times a day" or "I'll take a quick walk for twenty minutes each morning. "Be special.

QUESTION # 4: How often will you practice?

The recommended answer here is "daily". Daily exercise puts your exercises as part of the circular cycle, 24 hours. Repeated actions daily became "torn" faster, run deeper and have more impact. So, do at least one, each day that will continue your workouts.

QUESTION # 5: When are you going to practice?

Set time. Then put it on your plan.

If you do not plan to organize it, it will inevitably come up. Before you know, you are at the end of the day. You are likely to be too tired at that point. Then you will finish it tomorrow. My friend, Matt Clarkson, performed a great image about "tomorrow". He tells me there to be a pub in England with a tag saying, "Free Beer Tomorrow."

QUESTION # 6: How long are you going to practice?

Duty to a certain minimum. If something is in the lead, then you say, "Oh, there's nothing, I can." If you commit too much, you're more likely to drop it or see it as "too much effort." Once you've started, you're more likely to do more because you're back into it.

QUESTIONS 7: Where do you practice?

It is important to choose a place that promotes what you are doing. For example, if you are starting to ponder and try to do it at busy or noisy levels, it is likely that it will not work well.

To support your job, decorate the space with appropriate images, quotes, or interior design that represents what you are doing and why it's important to you.

QUESTION # 8: Need special equipment, supplies or support for your workout?

Some examples include: Having a proper diet in your house for nutritional or weight loss, having the right tools and content for your creative project, appointing a personal coach for your exercise, or downloading a guide to support your meditation.

What will help you to succeed?

QUESTIONS # 9: How would you keep track of your exercises? [19659002] Especially when you start something new, it's a great idea to keep a diary where you define what you do and why, list your goals and write comments about your experience.

Signing in efforts makes your job better, material and real. It records the work you have entered. You are more likely to proceed with something that you have invested heavily in it.

Commenting on your exercises will also allow you to review what you have done.

QUESTION # 10: How often will you review and edit your application?

Sign in with you and see what's working, what's not, and what's up to you so your practice is fun and successful.

Initially, you might want to review and edit weekly. You are likely to have gone through some tests and errors. Rather than be the mood when things are not going well, use that information to change your habits to make it even better.

QUESTIONS # 11: How do you practice fresh and inspiring?

Same activity will be different every day, if you are awake, intentional and acquainted with fine details about what you are doing – rather than going through the engines.

Be a lifelong student at your job. Read what others are doing. Tests. If things are getting old, mix it up. Make a new place, set your technique or practice with others. Use variety to keep your mind fresh and alert.

Remember that "why" is your exercise important. What do you want to achieve? What are you afraid maybe happen if you let go?

QUESTION 12: How will you remind yourself to practice?

Add your exercises to your schedule. Write a note about your alarm, your bathroom mirror, your fridge or the dashboard in your car.

Now you're ready to go! If you have answered these 12 questions, you have set up to succeed. Now it's time to take action.

Remember that daily exercise is the way to achieve any personal growth goal. It's the way to participate and live your dreams every day.

So, what will you grow in your life?

Enjoy the exercise!


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