The role of humility in personal growth

There are many words that capture the essence of personal growth, such as personal development, self-awareness or enlightenment. The problem with these explanations is that they are just words, a combination of letters (symbols) that need to be interpreted in a certain way to give them meaning and for each person it will mean something different.

If you ask people who want to emotionally grow what they want, the answer is almost always "I want to feel more xyz ……." They describe the feelings and feelings they want to experience or let go of these feelings can not be fully expressed with words.

Words can not really express sound on symphony; Words can not describe the colors or the beauty of the rainbow, but words tend to express the event, not the feelings and feelings that our inner self experiences.

Our education tends to play us, we are taught that if we learn about everything, if we trust a lot of knowledge, we will know the truth, we will know right from the wrong, of course, knowledge helps us in our lives, but not necessarily with emotional calm and happiness.

The fact is "what is truth" are the words of truth? Are the feelings the truth? Just because a person has knowledge does it mean that what they do and say is the truth? I do not think so.

We all live in our own little blocks of dreams of what we think is true about us, what we think is true to others and generally, it is done with the words "she is clearer than me, he is higher than me" But the reaction to these words is emotions and emotions – that's what we want to change.

Maybe you have noticed that when something beautiful happens, many people just say: "I was dumb, I was just an emotional surfer," it's from twilight, the birth of a child, a poem.

At the moment there was no truth, no internal conversation, no race, just a clean connection to your feelings and life around you, a calm mind and a surprising heart. For me, this is what personal growth is about.

Being able to release right or wrong, be able to silence the race and recognize that every person (with their knowledge) believes they know the truth. The truth is the way of not being a state of view.

When you can see this, the whole world looks like a completely different place; You can see all the masks everyone wears to protect themselves from emotional harm, facades that hide their doubts about themselves, how their qualities add to their fear of uncertainty and how they seek truth in books with words they call knowledge, whenever is, what they youtube really is a quiet mind and emotional freedom.

Take humor for example, we do not need to analyze it healthy; We just find it funny, it only relates to us emotionally and we express our natural feelings and it feels good. I use a lot of humor at work, as I believe to be one key to freedom, especially when you can laugh at yourself.

The characters I see every day through my exercise process fall into 3 different groups; Those who do the rules and feel good at achieving (and experiencing stress), those who follow the rules, and helping others (they get nervous), and those who think rules do not apply to them and seek an orgasm (these emphasize if it is not enough to happen).

What group do you fall into? Imagine that what is true for one group of people will not perceive for other group members, it will be wrong, but it does not make it wrong (or right). Adapting more flexibility is the key to continuing; allowing you to move to new perspectives, sometimes even trying to live in one group for a moment to widen your horizons, increase your emotional bandwidth.

Regardless of what group you like, if what you're looking for is a calm and emotional relationship with life, greater self-esteem and greater self-esteem, it begins with some simple rules.

Stop judging yourself and stop judging others, what are you hoping to do by doing this, except to put yourself in ideology "I'm less than them" or "I'm more than them." It's just that set yourself up to experience feelings driven by external factors, rather than being in a position to only choose your own feeling anytime just because you want to.

Start looking for the faith you have about yourself who are no longer serving you, it's not easy to find it yet worthy to acknowledge and let go of it. I recently recognized one of my own strong faiths; I broke my leg while I went out with friends and while everyone fussed about me trying to help (with absolute intentions) I just wanted everyone to leave me, just let me go on it – I had a strong belief that I did not need help, my independence was very important to me, that I was strong enough to deal with something on my own.

When I investigated my faith, I was amazed at how many were there, I told some of my friends about them because I was so surprised and they laughed at everyone and said, "We know, right?" basically I did not! Now I can see them, I can let them go, I can take care of me and continue my life without having to play these silly games.

By acknowledging an old-fashioned attitude and losing a mental history of self-esteem, you allow to move to humility that is another golden end of the self-consciousness.

Amenity is a funny word and means many different things for each person, meaning that we are all equal, no one is more important than me and I and I'm not more important than anyone else. I do not have to judge anyone and I do not have to judge myself. I do not need to put a program for someone else, I do not have to be right or wrong, I can only listen without having to speak.

I can love and respect and I can love and respect others despite different views, culture or views, I acknowledge that I live in a bubble in my dream and they live in the dream cup and we are both right when we leave this point of view.

Humble allows you to avoid advising or correcting people, or pointing out their flaws, they are qualified to live their own lives and experience the consequences of decisions and actions. This also allows you to step back from worrying about them, let them live their lives, just be there when they need you, love them, love you.


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