The highway for personal growth

Ray Kroc, the man who built McDonald's Corporation, became the world's most successful fast-food business, said, "The more I help others succeed, the more I succeed." Kroc was included in "Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century" and collected 500 million dollars while living.

When someone is talking about status, we should listen to what the man has to say. "The more I help others succeed, the more I succeed." is one of the most significant and true testimonials that I ever encountered. It is truly helping others that we can best help us.

When we hear about helping others, it's the first thing that comes to mind giving money to those in need. It could be very high, but I do not believe it's the best way to help people truly. There is a Chinese saying that "Give man a fish and feed him today. Learn a man to fish and you give him a lifetime."

This linguistic proverb tells us that if we give money to someone in need, we could help them in the short term, but if we teach someone how to succeed, he helps him for a lifetime. The value of the dollar can be a thousand worth of those who receive it.

Best of all, it is by teaching others that we learn the best. There are many forms of success that we know naturally, but when we try to explain this concept we actually get the results of it. There is no better way to learn than with instruction.

Before we can send messages to someone else, we must do it right in your own mind. The summary must be translated into certain words and simple as it is easy to understand. There must be a little ugly announcement. Thoughts must be accurate and understandable meanings. We must look for a real sense before we can understand.

Helping and teaching others how to succeed also has a major impact on how we see ourselves. In our own eyes we become leaders and examples. We are forced to practice what we preach. Saying one thing and doing another would ruin our purpose. People are more receptive to what we do, but they are what we say. Giving thought without walking would be interactive and inadequate.

There are many ways we can teach other science of success. It can be done by writing articles, through private counseling and teaching or by giving a speech on the subject. But the perfect way is through personal examples and by taking time to help someone when the occasion presents itself.

If we take a serious task to help and teach others, we will be motivated to learn more about the science of success. We will learn science with the aim of ultimately teaching it so that we will be more invested in exploring all the consequences of each of the reports we encounter. It is the best, fastest and most effective way to learn the self-taught world in terms of understanding and implementation.

It is by helping and teaching others that we can best help and teach us. No matter where we are in life, anyone can benefit from our knowledge and experience. The relief work we provided to others is actually delivered. Big leaders were also great teachers. That's how they did it. So we can.


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