The Basic Rules Speed ​​Reading

Do you mean the ability to read well the basic rule? Or allow me to put it right, has the quick reading rules that you must follow to learn how to speed reading? Well the answers to the above two events are yes, it's a rule of reading and these rules can be used for reading at speed too. But how does it work and what are these rules?

Below is the simplification of the basic rules for reading.
1. Preview, 2. Reading, 3. Review, 4. Review, 5. Practice, 6. Listening, 7. Quiet, 8. Purpose, 9. Purity, 10. Objective, 11. Question 12. Marking, 13. Plan, 14. Balance

To see if you understand the above rules, we will test your skills in the understanding of some of them. If you can fill out the space with the correct answers, you're ready to go. Now let's go.

Reading Exercises

A. The ability to analyze and evaluate information that will help understanding is ____________

B. ____________ gives me reason to do things and why I need to do it.

C. The goal of achieving my goals is ______________

D. _______________ give me an example of what I'm learning

E. My possibility of reasoned ideas gives me ___________ the material

F. _____________ allows me to understand as well as speed read on information in the content.

G. ____________ enables me to evaluate the truth of some content carefully.

Here are the solutions to the exercise above.

A. Review, B. Marking, C. Objectives, D. Preview, E. Purpose, F. Reading, G. Questions.

There are other reading rules as I've mentioned above, but let's just limit ourselves to the ones above and see how well you can fill the gap. How did you go?

Let me explain one of the terms above. When you preview, it means you can browse through quickly and noticeable information in topics such as titles, subtitles. This will immediately help you gain knowledge about what you are reading and increase your skills as you start reading.

As you practice reading, you will always find rules that can help you quickly read. Also choose a good environment and look for questions in your heart before reading the content, this will help you discover the answers as you progress and you will always find out that you have improved significantly.


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