Technology for accelerating personal growth

The most fascinating theme in any form is the transformation of the main character, which evolves from lower consciousness to higher. While this theme is repeated with minor changes in one image after each other, people do not die because it represents their own story.

The meaning of life can only be a matter of personal growth. Enlightenment is a final vision, where you see everything in new light, with the universe and your neighbors as part of a massive conspiracy of beauty, elegance, love and wisdom.

Personal growth occurs by default.

Life itself causes it to happen.

The more stimulating the environment, the more it causes you to accelerate your own growth.

Personal growth can be defined as evolution of consciousness, journey from narrow, interference to a broader, functional one. There is an expansion of perception.

The reason why you can think of as a developmental force is because it is the result of adaptation to stress. All problems are caused by errors in perception; The challenge is caused by the environment so that you can fix or suffer the consequences of failure.

For example, poor physical health problems are a physical challenge, a clumsy relationship is due to communication challenges and the lack of finance is caused by economic challenges.
The reason why it's a challenge is because it threatens your sense of ease and failure
responds to an adaptable way to experience the crash that you need.

In a nutshell, personal growth comes when your internal map of how the world works is wrong. You discover that your perception is inaccurate because your experience is misaligned with your desire.

What's needed is further information, upgrading to your internal map. New streets need to be taken in, new ways must be discovered.

Every problem is a development team.

For example, if you're a financial challenge, what's needed is a new model of how to earn more and manage your money better. A bill you do not have the ability to pay is a financial challenge.

Adaptation occurs when new information is learned. This information changes the structure of the challenge. The result of your mental update about what works now
will be your new model. By using monetary examples, new information can be found in the form of learning how to make more money. This information is then available to respond to the world more actively.

Life is constantly challenging challenges like this and we constantly learn how to adapt to this pressure. Each focused challenge is soon followed by another challenge to the next level. Any unsuccessful solution that resolves successfully leads you to stay at the current level. It is called "feeling stuck" or "in ribs."

This is personal growth.

Growth continued with two lanes: vertically and horizontally.

Vertical growth is learning something new and new knowledge makes use of the new reality. Our academic year, with its academic challenges, is probably the time to speed up personal growth. Similarly, starting a new business or raising a new family are all vertical growth.

Horizontal growth is to integrate these new information. You are adapting to changes that stimulate vertical growth.

Furthermore, this growth also progresses in three stages: self-centered, ethnocentric and world-class. What is the development area.

In self-esteem, the focus is on improving your personal experience. At one central level, the focus is on improving your group. This could be an ethnic, religious or national group; In other words, every tribe that allows you to find yourself as one of its members. In the world, the emphasis is on improving things for everyone.

Each level is not necessarily clearly defined. The higher level may include some lower level functions. In addition, each level is broken up into further developmental stages.

The more challenges you get, the more you evolve to create a higher level. In addition, each level has a destination that has to be transcend.

Participation in the idea of ​​incarnation, most people can spend their entire life in only one sub-level or can go through some levels but not leave the main stage. Other people can develop from one level to another. A few, rare individuals pass through all the stages. Those who end up at the final stage are considered informed and do not have to be on the Karmic bike.

This growth level also applies to culture and civilization.

While growth is by default; It can also be engineered or artificially stimulated.

This process is called learning.

Throughout the story, those who choose independently, do it with two special methods.

One is using the ideological aspect of the mind and the other is through the linguistic aspects of mind. One can of course use both minds. Usually, however, most people have a dominant and favorite method. It is similar to how most people make one hand more dominant than the other, but only a few are ambidextrous.

Using an ideological approach, or visual thinking, can make remarkable progress.
Those who are scientifically inclined seem to pay this method. Kekule slept in the fireplace, had a dream of swallowing his own tail and developed the basis of all organic chemistry, the benzene ring. Einstein fell in the biggest leap of science from Newton that day dreaming of a train ride on a candlestick.

In terms of the Jungian model in mind: this would include wit, intuition, feeling and feeling. For example, Kekule had a dream, which includes an intuitive, sense and tangible understanding. As he woke up, he used the intelligence to define the benzene ring.

This method of visual thinking is as powerful as the transition between Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. Using Roman numerals, for example, the mathematics needed to create a String theory in physics would be impossible. Since then, strings of theories are neither empirical nor observable, it could not be without math. Considering that this might well end up being a perfect theory of everything, you will appreciate the value of using Arabic numerals.

Another method is a Socratic method, about 2,300 years old.

The Socratic method is actually asking and answering questions. Questions investigate consciousness and stimulate the search for answers.

This method is not to be confused with pedagogy called modern education.

The Socratic method was used during classical Greece and the Restoration, two periods that produced more highly intelligent people than previously known.

The reason why these two methods are so powerful is because they interfere with a "neurological" phenomenon that with a constant signal, the nerves and the brain fall asleep.
Changing the stimulation causes the brain to begin working in a new and unusual way.

Even our current education practices stimulate only limited personal growth as they lead to brand stabilization, creating
neurotransmitters. Possibly, people say they fall asleep or soar in the daydream during the course. They miss the lesson because repeated signals created boredom and breakdown. It did not raise them out of passivity.

With these two methods, learning must be interactive and stimulating, leading to a dose-shift in personal growth.

You do not have to wait for all the right conditions before you can experience vertical growth; You can offer it by choosing an immersion for new, stimulating, life-saving information.


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