Teaching children Grade level Sight Words succeeded

Parents in primary schools can easily teach children home class homework. It's all in the game. It's just doing that game!

Again in 1936 a fellow named EW Dolch Basic Words Word Vocabulary developed a list. This list of Sight Words has been updated several times over the years to contain new words. The Dolch words are unlike usual words because they are many can not be phoned or sound like they do not follow the decryption rules. Therefore, they are called "Sight Words" or "Frequency Words". Children must learn to know and spell them with sight.

Just perform search on search engine with keywords, "Dolch Sight Words". You will see that there is a Dolch list for Level Pre-Primer in the 3rd grade. Select the appropriate grade level your child is in and print out only that list to begin with. For example, below is a list for 1st ranks.

after someone else who could ask who could fly give give

got him with him how do he just let go of life

old once open over put round someone stop taking thanks to them think
] walk were already

Now read the following scenario as an example of play to play with children using the 1st grade Dolch Sight Word list.

Show the list in the 1st grade child and ask, "Do you know any of these words"? Take time and just watch them for a minute. Give your child plenty of time to view the glossary. 1st grade children should be able to read a few words after just checking the list. Now for these words children do not know, play a game. Write unknown words on another sheet. Then take your baby with you, go for a walk, shop for shopping, visit friends or run somehow. As you are walking around about comments on various things, animals or people.

Mother: See son, do you see this old house? It's very old, is not it?

Children: Yes, mother. I wonder what it looks like.

Mother: We used just one of our words in the list, "old". Can you find it for me and call it?

The child then searches the word on the list and calls it. BINGO!

Mother: YEAH !!! Good job !! Wow, you found these words fast.

Mother: Let's thank the good man to help us with our shopping. Ooops! I think we just use one of our words! Can you find the word, "thank you" on our list and please call it?
As you can see, playing games that encourage children to learn is very easy. When parents get excited about learning and showing interest, children are also excited about learning. The parent's grade of time spent children's education through games and activities tend to be in long-term memory for both parents and children.

Messages are very important for children to learn. Remember, they are not like most other words that can be decoded.

Why not learn fun by incorporating games and activities that encourage children to learn? Children are much more likely to play a game than specifically to study a single term that they consider to be insignificant or obscene. Of course, this game can be used at any level in the Dolch Sight Word list.

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