Successfully trim the G-spot in 3 simple steps

When a g-spot is stimulating, a woman may feel a g-puncture sensation once or twice. So what is the g-spot and why is it so sensitive that it can cause women to feel satisfied?

G-spot is nothing but a small dime to a quarter of a large group of sensitive nerves about 2 inches inside the vagina. It is usually located at the top of the vagina. The satisfaction she will experience from g-puncture stimulation is very different from pinching orgasm. It is even possible for her to achieve both types of gratification at the same time. So let me share with you how to successfully click the G-point with 3 simple steps.

Step # 1: Put your finger. Insert the index finger into her vagina with a palm facing upwards. You can also use your transition if you want her g-point to look further up. Then, gently make "come here" motion with your finger, which will almost do it.

Step # 2: Apply pressure. Remember that the g-point responds to pressure, not touching. Many men make the mistake by touching only the g-point, which makes sense. You need to apply the right pressure and have your partner guide you to how much pressure is enough.

Step # 3: Combine it with urination stimulation. To send honey to the sky, you should combine both g-spot and urinary excitation together. The best way to stimulate her clitoris is to perform cunnilingus. By using tongue technology on sensitive clitoris, it is already enough to send perception through your body. Just imagine it's in touch with the g-point stimulation, how much pleasure your girl will enjoy?


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