Speed ​​Reading World – How to teach speed reading

Do you know that speed assignment is classified as a sport? There are lots of speed readers around the world who are very proud of their abilities in reading and understanding. The Rapid Hearing Council was established to recognize people who have been successful in this sport. Just like physical sports there are also various competitions in the mind of sports. But not everybody knows because what they know is that reading is only applied at school or at work. Do not allow us to standardize the idea. Instead, let's be proud of these people who have an incredible sense of understanding text in a particular period.

Because of this, many people are asking how to teach speed reading. This skill is difficult to learn, but technology and methods are easy. It is difficult because it assesses the individual's mental skills. Brain needs to work out what the eyes are reading. If the process is slow, it means that the person's understanding is also slow. Sometimes it's in the genes. But they say no one is born stupid and I believe it rather than the former. All they need is a practice and constantly reading.

Once you've decided to study the speed of your reading, you need to love reading first. There is no other way to start your training than to evaluate reading. Only contestants recognized by the Council on the Speed-Hearing World, can also help you to be recognized as well. You must learn different reading methods with understanding. To begin with, you need to stop your bad reading habits. What are they?

(1) Learning late at night is not good for your understanding.
(2) Reading in the wrong environment like small lighting can damage your eyes.
(3) Reading in noisy environments can reduce your strength.

You must participate in a variety of reading texts. What are they? They are the books you read daily. You can read newspapers or magazines, science stories, novels, experiments, mathematical problems and history books. You must adapt to each of these issues. As you read them, try to trust yourself and see who gives you the fastest time reading. You must be aware that not all types of readings are comparable to train factors because it includes elements such as the written format and category of the content.

You must also apply for a dose and not for reading. What is the dose? Read the cursor first. You need this so you have to read the sentences you read again. Second, read your eyes. This allows you to read faster. Third, read early.

Thus are the following:

(1) Not sub-vocalize. This can slow down your reading speed.
(2) Do not undo, which means reading back what you have read. It will eat your time.
(3) Do not read all. Not all paragraphs and words that are written in the text are important.

In the Council on High-Speed ​​World, all these recommendations are suggested and most of the speed seekers seek for them.


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