Speed ​​Reading Tips: What do Hackers and time management need to do with speed reading?

The term hack has been used in recent years to refer to a cutting or more effective way of doing things. From time to time, I will continue to publish train stations that can help you both speed and understanding, and to be a tactic for more efficient reading. Today reading hack is going to look at the day and time management as it relates to reading, whether you're reading normally or using the Dynamic Speed ​​Reading approach.

If you're like most, one, if not the first thing you do when you're in your workplace, open your email application. Of course you want to do it because you want:

• Be responsive to your customers,
• Answer your colleagues,
• Be respectful of your friends,

Or for any other reason as may or may not be commendable such as postponement technology because your brain has not fully woken up correctly?

Wrong !!!

Be honest with yourself. What have you noticed this routine? For most people, they realize that a large part of their productive time has left them late for other important tasks and activities that have been achieved.

In addition, temporary people usually find that the day is consumed by all kinds of activities that require them to focus on other people in the workplace, phone, email and text. I have a meeting, input word, etc. Because they will be considered an accessible team player, they put important work-based reading (except for email) when things are quiet. Or accept the attitude when I find out.

But here's the problem – around it never comes. By the time it comes, you'll find yourself out of all the other features of the day. You can try your best to do reading at this time. But what happens? Do you like to fall asleep? Or do you find that your mind flows into all sorts of things rather than the meaning of the material you are reading?

Without you is the exception, this is the norm. Not just for you, but for most people in the digital world today.

So your speed and time management system
(there are actually 2 parts for this that will save you a lot of time)

1. Do not open the email first this morning (there are some exceptions to this rule). Be sure to take part in other important high installments.

2. Schedule and close timeouts to make your important reading. If you need to read things that will take more than 2-5 minutes, if not scheduled, you will fall into the traps as described above. Why should not planning and closing like any other important meeting or activity? Plan your train time when your brain is fresh for the day. During working hours you may need to install temporarily, do not interfere with a signal or go to a station at the office.

What do you think?


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