Speed ​​reading tips – overcome the main obstacle in the reading series – credibility

The most common question I get when people think if I'm reading or when they send a question to my website, goes like this: "Does it really work?" Or, "Can you really understand when you read very fast?" These questions show that it is not possible – under faith that will force a good question.

Because I have used my talents for a long time, I have been disappointed why this question is so often asked. In your mind, if you do not understand or understand the subject, do not read it! You have to do something else. Perhaps your mind is wandering – common problem with untrained readers. Or maybe you are in trouble Say all words to yourself (sub vocalizing) to hear them in your mind before you believe you understand them. Active speed reading because you can only read as fast as you hear and understand the words. You can understood without hearing.

Reading is defined as the mind answers printed icons. With this definition then, you can only read as fast and my d can understand (decode) the symbols. It's a visual process, not a sub-voice process. Did you know some cognitive scientists estimate that our minds can calculate between 80,000 and 100,000 words per minute? It's the brain's speed when both the right and the left half are an element! Do you believe your brain is so powerful?

However, the trainer uses the reader both right and left hemispheres when reading. This can be verified by using the EEG screen. Because most people have learned to read, reading has become processed processing language – left half action. Also, because the unconscious reader usually reads words for words, by nature, the approach is on the part of the prevailing. Traditional reading forms are literally half-separated!

How many years have you read? If you read this article you have probably been reading for at least 10 years, if not anymore. It's a long time in intrinsic habits. Because this habit is so intricate, you have developed a belief system that tells you to read. Your mind can not understand that there are other options without interfering with your idiotic opinions. You're struggling to imagine doing it differently.

Another part of the speed of reading towards the sense of the belief system has to do with your own self-esteem in yourself as a student. If you have had difficulty as a student for many years, it defines your ability in your belief system. On the one hand, you may want to become a successful speedier who can understand something, however, because you do not have a personal experience of doing it yourself, or you will not believe it is possible for you.

Attitudes are subjective. They are not facts. Therefore, you can change your self-esteem attitude to those who develop your growth and development.

Faith formulates our thinking and actions / behaviors. Many of the beliefs we hold in our minds are self-limiting and will hold us back until we try new ones instead. However, your self-assessment system will initially cause you to get a new pattern of thought.

Perhaps history historian Abraham Maslow is probably one of the most popular stories of the power of faith. The patient refused to eat because he believed he was dead. In violence, the psychiatrist finally asked him if the bodies were bleeding. The patient said he did not believe it.

The psychologist continued to knit him with a pin, after requesting a patient to do it. When did the patient bleed. In astonishment, he declared: "Wow … the body is bleeding after all!"

This story describes the difficulties you may have when you think about changing a particular behavior or belief that you may have. On the one hand, it is simple. However, it is difficult to change the habits of thought. What limiting practices in mind / religion do you suffer from? Are you willing to deal with them for your own interests and self-development?

In my courses, we start the program with participants to fill out a simple form as they ask about their beliefs and experiences as students and what they believe in fast-paced learning. During the exercise, if someone seems to be struggling, I look at the form they filled out. Inevitably, those in difficulty have written negative opinions about the owner's own ability or the ability to read / learn faster.

The great industrialist Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or if you think you can not, you're right!" In other words, your mind will rally to support what you think to be true.

Because of positive self-sufficiency, popular psychologist Wayne Dyer has said, "You see it when you believe it!" What do you want to be true about your studies to read faster, better understand and remember more? Your strong faith will make it so much easier. Perhaps you do not have any models around you. It can be unfortunate. But the fact is there are thousands of readers' readers who read fast with a good sense I've trained. There are probably millions around the world.

Finally, no speed-reading does not work. You work it. The path to understanding is built as a system or method. Speed ​​is only part of the process. Learning the process can sometimes be uneven. So I would like to ask you: What do you believe in your learning ability? What do you believe in the speed of study / reading and your abilities? What are you thinking about the talent of your mind? What could interfere with learning these skills and how can you overcome these obstacles? As a 32 year user, I can say, without this skill, my life would be much worse. I'm a believer. I am a user. You can also be! I invite you to learn more about reading faster and better understand http://speedreadingtactics.com/speed_reading_newsletter.html .


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